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Dynamics Supply Chain Management

Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations

Move from reactive to proactive operations

Build an agile, connected and resilient supply chain with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Streamline planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation to maximise operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability using predictive insights from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Modernize your supply chain with advanced warehouse and inventory management to improve fulfillment, material sourcing, and logistics. Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can modernize business logistics, deliver proactive customer responses, and unify processes from sales to fulfillment.



Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations

Drive automation and reduce downtime using IoT and mixed reality across any type of manufacturing process—discrete, lean, process, and mixed-mode. Perform production planning in real time with the Planning optimisation add-in.


Modernise warehouse management

Avoid running out of stock or overstocking through machine learning – enhanced guidance that recommends more effective stock management. Accelerate inbound and outbound processes such as put-away and pick-pack-ship using embedded Microsoft Power BI analytics.


Optimise production performance

Identify potential machine issues before they occur, prevent downtime, and increase product quality and yield using IoT. Improve workforce performance with interactive learning solutions using mixed reality.

Maximise the life of your assets

Extend the life and performance of your equipment. Use IoT and mixed reality to plan, predict, and proactively perform asset maintenance with the Asset Management add-in.


Automate and streamline your supply chain

Enhance delivery of your products and services by using predictive analytics to optimise planning and improve the fulfilment, material sourcing, and logistics of your supply chain.

With Supply Chain Management you can

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    Create a connected factory to drive smarter processes and operations.

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    Automate and improve resource management

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    Deliver mixed-mode manufacturing to support all your manufacturing strategies Improve on-time delivery

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    Improve on-time delivery by performing production planning in real time.

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