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Poul Kjaer

Founder and resident guru

Poul Kjaer


Poul Kjaer has a soft-spoken style that can command the attention of a room full of even the most brash…

The relationship builder

Morten Soeger

Partner Channel Director

With many years of experience from companies such as SAP and Microsoft, Morten knows how to work together with partners…

Flemming Klausen

Energy and experience

Flemming Klausen

Operations Director

Flemming Klausen ’s positive energy and attitude energize both his team and his clients. What’s more, his 20 years of…

Jesper Vang

Leader and facilitator

Jesper Vang

Consulting Director

Since 1998, customers have been looking to Jesper Vang for strategic advice, help with operational implementation – and everything in…

Pia Quist

Determination and focus

Pia Quist

Group Finance Director

Pia Quist likes the way – if you approach them in just the right way – numbers can tell a…

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