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International Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations – how to get started!

International IT projects can be extremely challenging and pervasive and integrating standardized software across borders is not an easy task. However, international Dynamics 365 implementations can be painless if you have the right implementation strategy and a smart, flexible methodology designed to balance the needs of your local subsidiaries with the needs of your overall enterprise.

eBook: The CIO's Playbook for International ERP Excellence

In your capacity as the CIO, your role takes on a strategic dimension, catalyzing the transformation of the entire global enterprise. If you are looking to master a strategic ERP implementation, this eBook is for you. It provides you with 3 key aspects to consider and ten important - and tangible - strategic steps with an emphasis on planning and execution.

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10 Tips for Successful ERP across Borders 

We give you 10 practical tips for successful international ERP implementation across borders. They can help you achieve synergies of intercompany integration and a better control of collaboration within and outside your organization. Our tips that have helped hundreds of executives successfully implement ERP across borders and have put their organizations in a better position to compete globally.

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