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Whether you need local expertise or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from Pipol's Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world.
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International Microsoft Dynamics Partner locations  


A Microsoft Dynamics project doesn’t need to be a long and complex process especially when you have experienced partners guiding you. Whether you need local expertise or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from Pipol’s Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world. 


Our committed global partner alliance

Pipol is the world’s largest provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting and implementation services. Our committed Microsoft Business Solutions Partners in more than 80 leading local implementations are key when it comes to ensuring that our deliveries are always agile, smart, and successful. Below are just some reasons why you should work with an experienced international Microsoft Dynamics partner.  

  • Gain valuable insights
    It’s always advisable to work with experts who understand the complexity of each Dynamics 365 component. The right ERP partner can assist you in understanding the different industries. For instance, how to best use Dynamics 365 software within healthcare or distribution. We have the technical knowledge you need for your implementation, and our insights can help you improve efficiency, boost customer experiences, eliminate unnecessary manual tasks, as well as save time and money.
  • Dynamics 365 customizations
    Microsoft offers a wide selection of add-ons that extend the base functionality of Dynamics 365. These add-ons contain business applications and services all built by industry-leading software providers. However, with thousands of different applications available, it can be difficult to map out the best use of the software for your specific needs. We can help you tailor your existing functionality and extend and enhance the value of your solution with specific customized applications.
  • Local support
    We are present on-site for implementation, maintenance, and support. Plus, we speak your language and understand the local regulations and business culture. We specialize in key local industries, offering valuable solutions or unique product suites as part of their Dynamics 365 capabilities. Furthermore, we have knowledge of most solutions, add-ons, and technicalities relevant to Microsoft Dynamics so we’re capable of offering full-fledged total solutions.
  • Implementation strategy
    If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail and there is a very high risk of failure if you try to implement Dynamics 365 without a well-thought-out implementation strategy. Working with an international Microsoft Dynamics Partner like Pipol means you’ll have access to the expertise needed to help you strategically plan your project. We can offer advice on the technical aspects both before and during the execution, and help you plan and coordinate the different implementation phases and ensure all stakeholders are aligned at all times.
  • User training
    Organizations who embark on implementation projects without the assistance of an international Microsoft Dynamics partner face many challenges not least when it comes to user training. When you implement an ERP solution, you are fundamentally changing the way people work so it’s important to get strong buy-in from the entire organization. Your ERP implementation partner can help ensure user-involvement in the implementation process by gathering their input and guidance along the way. This also helps ensure that everyone understands and accepts the project objectives. Then when the solution nears launch, your partner can help prioritize training to ensure users are comfortable with the system and understand its benefits, both to them and the business.
  • Keep everyone focused
    Organizations are often tempted to save money and implement ERP projects themselves. However, this requires that your employees shift their focus from vital daily tasks to the Dynamics 365 project. Working with an international Microsoft Dynamics partner like Pipol helps ensure your employees stay focused on their daily work and the organization’s goals. While your business continues to run smoothly, your implementation partner can set up your Dynamics 365 solution.
  • Apply best practices
    We always work according to Microsoft Dynamics Best Practices so you can be sure your solution will align with your company’s industry. With real-world experience, Pipol has the experience and expertise needed to provide insights on the best technical approach for your organization.
  • Valuable, impartial advice
    Working with an experienced implementation partner like Pipol allows you to analyze your organization’s processes and procedures from a fresh perspective. Pipol can offer impartial advice and guidance during discussions around which Dynamics 365 capabilities your organization wants to use ensure you get the solution that’s right for you. 


Only the very best

Pipol work with the very best partners in each country and our recruitment criteria are very specific. They include requirements such as a proven history of successful Microsoft Dynamics implementations, the capability to work on international deals, and the willingness to enter a long-term committed partnership. In addition, our partners need to be local market leaders and have a strategic match with Pipol when it comes to true customer orientation and proactively building up new business. We hand-pick our partners to ensure that every Pipol implementation, no matter where it takes place, leverages our partners’ deep experience with local industries, culture, legislation, and ways of doing business. Furthermore, Pipol partners have access to all our international sales and marketing support, so they can leverage ready-to-use international marketing collateral, developed to support local marketing efforts targeted toward international organizations 


Global experts 

At Pipol, our agenda is to make simplify international ERP projects for international companies. Our delivery framework allows us to centrally manage any international implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from A to Z and across all major industries. We offer one global solution, one global delivery framework, one global contract, one global team, and – very importantly – one single point of responsibility for the entire delivery. 


Let us help you find the right partner for your ERP project

Part of Microsoft’s industry-leading partner ecosystem, Pipol offers expert guidance and support for customers looking to evaluate, implement, and get the most from their Dynamics 365 solution. With offices in more than 85 countries and over 500 successful international Dynamics 365 deployments under our belt, we have the functional competencies and global presence needed to support our customers wherever they’re located.  

 Contact us now on +45 70 44 43 70 using the form to the right and let us help you find the right partner for your organization. 

Pipol - Contact Partner

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