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Flexible integration – effortlessly and in no time

Small and medium-sized companies are moving their business solutions to the cloud to become more digitally robust and competitive. And Dynamics 365 is a clear choice. But what about all that data in your existing siloed on-prem or cloud ERP? How do you move everything and tackle integration challenges like heterogeneous systems, scalability, security, and limited IT resources?

For our customers to be able to speed up cloud integration up to 10 times faster than with traditional integration tools, we have joined forces with Austrian-based Connecting Software. We now offer their market-leading integration platform, Connect Bridge, that simplifies the most complex software integration and allows any developer to design his or her own integration solutions without much effort and training.

In fact, Connecting Software makes any developer an integration hero in 3 hours whether you use your own developers or our partners. It is very popular for Dynamics 365, especially when you want to move up to Dynamics 365 on the Cloud but you want to keep the integration with software and databases you need on-premises.

#1 How does Connect Bridge stand out from other integration tools?

You can connect from all software of the last 40 years.
You have access to all your databases in the cloud.
You reduce time-to-market as integration projects will take as little as days or weeks.
You are guaranteed double speed in integration time, but normally you can integrate up to 10 times faster.
You remarkably boost overall ROI, streamline workflows, and improve efficiency.

#2 What are the key benefits of Connect Bridge?

Seamless integration of heterogeneous systems and data formats: Connect Bridge ensures a seamless integration between different software solutions, regardless of their underlying architecture or data format.

Scalability and performance: Connect Bridge is built on a robust and scalable architecture, allowing it to handle growing data volumes efficiently. This ensures that your integration projects maintain optimal performance even as your business grows without slowing down data processes or reducing efficiency.

Security and compliance: Connect Bridge ensures that software integration projects adhere to the highest security standards and comply with relevant regulations by following a systematic approach. Once you determine which laws, industry standards, and regulations apply to your organization’s data and operations, e.g. GDPR, you can adjust your integration accordingly. In many cases it will be useful that you can pinpoint the precise locations where your data will be stored or that you can limit access to sensitive data.

Low costs, low complexity: Connect Bridge reduces costs and complexity by providing pre-built connectors that allow you to integrate with minimal coding expertise. Connect Bridge also offers a centralized platform to manage all your integrations, thereby simplifying maintenance of integration projects.

Requires minimal expertise: Connect Bridge is user-friendly, even to those with limited programming experience. With its visual interface, pre-built connectors, and intuitive use of the SQL language, Connect Bridge enables organizations to quickly develop and deploy integration projects without the need for extensive programming skills. By using Connect Bridge, you can minimize dependency on specialized resources and reduce the time and effort required for software integration projects.

#3 What is Connect Bridge in detail?

Connect Bridge is an integration platform as a service (IPaaS). IPaaS is a set of cloud services that enable connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications, and data. Even if you are not entirely on the cloud yet, you can begin running Connect Bridge on premises.

Connect Bridge is a powerful, yet easy-to-use integration platform that allows every developer to design his or her own integration solutions without much effort and training.

Connect Bridge provides pre-built 400+ connectors to the most popular and widespread business and industry applications, and new connectors are created all the time. This robust API management platform can connect from any software of the last 40 years.

By leveraging its robust architecture, pre-built connectors, and user-friendly interface, Connect Bridge empowers organizations to overcome all challenges of software integration.

Book an introduction to the integration platform

It gives you a thorough understanding of the business value of the platform and improve the overall ROI of integration projects. Together with Connecting Software, we support you all the way.


Book an introduction to the integration platform.

It gives you a thorough understanding of the business value of the platform and improve the overall ROI of integration projects. Book now!

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