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Is your international Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation facing challenges?

If your international Dynamics 365 implementation is facing challenges, and you’ve done what you can to get it on track, it’s time to get help from experts. Book a Project or Solution Assessment with one of our experts.

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Project Assessment

A Project Assessment can be very helpful to a project that needs to be on track. Based on our experience successfully managing recovery cases over the years, we have developed a holistic tool that covers every part of the project. We examine the scope and objectives and deep dive into the planning, deliverables, governance, etc.

The Project Assessment will help you navigate the complexities and leverage the opportunities to get your project back on track.

How does it work?

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. A tailored questionnaire helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique scope, challenges, and objectives. This is followed by a focused workshop, led by our experts, to identify your specific challenges and align recovery options with your project stakeholders. We then provide you with a Project Assessment Report, complete with our recommendations and an actionable plan for your international Dynamics implementation. Rest assured; we are here to support you every step of the way in executing the plan.


We analyze key topics such as:

  • Roadmap (plan)
  • Processes & requirements (business & functional)
  • Solution (functional & technical)
  • Localization (approach)
  • Deployment (approach)
  • Governance (approach)
  • Discuss project recovery options.

Solution Assessment 

If you have already implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 but your solution is facing challenges, we offer you a Solution Assessment. Maybe you want to roll out the solution to more countries or have new ideas but don’t know how to realize them. We are here to help you. We take a close look at both the technologies and the deployment and determine if they match the organization’s needs, what the nature of the solution is, and if they are ready for rollout in more countries.

The Solution Assessment will help you identify what is wrong and what should be done to solve the issues.

How does it work?

A questionnaire helps us gain a basic understanding of your solution challenges and objectives. Then, our experts host a focused workshop to identify your challenges and align recovery options. We’ll provide you with a Solution Assessment Report containing our recommendations and an actionable plan. You can count on us if you require further support in executing the plan.


We analyze vital topics such as:

  • Technologies
  • Solution
  • User needs
  • Governance
  • Solution recovery options.


For more information, read our blog post on how to avoid ERP project failures before they happen. 

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