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ClickLearn is the market leading authoring solution. The unique recording technology enables authors to document complicated processes in business systems and delivers a superior learning experience for the end-user.


Turbo charge the speed at which you document your vital business processes. ClickLearn auto-produces 7 different formats of professional learning material, including narrated videos, PDFs and a live assistant inside the business system. Save at least 80% of time spent creating learning material.


The formats of produced learning material covers any training need, both individual preferences and proficiency. The interactive video formats function as a safe, engaging and intuitive learning environment. The live assistant delivers instant and quick on-screen guidance. All produced learning material is available in the cloud (or hosted locally) and can be consumed from any device in any language at any time.



ClickLearn monitors and evaluates end-user consumption of learning material. Test and score the users in a safe environment, delivering a clear overview to HR and Management of where training of the most critical business processes is needed. All materials produced with ClickLearn is SCORM compliant and can be easily imported into any LMS or KMS.


All learning material produced with ClickLearn is automatically updated when using the unique “Replay” technology, always keeping your documentation updated. The automated process testing technology, allows testing of any pre-recorded process before releasing an update or launching an implementation.


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Clicklearn Product Sheet

ClickLearn is the market leading authoring solution. The unique recording technology delivers a superior learning experience for the end-user and kills major pains for IT and Management. Read more by downloading the product sheet.


What you get?

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    Turbo charged documentation

    Save at least 80% of time spent on creating process documentation in your critical business system

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    Rapid user adoption

    Accelerate the speed in which your employees learn and train. Activate the live assistant INSIDE you business system for quick guidance

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    On-boarding made easy

    Deliver a full learning portal covering all processes. Accessible from any device, both off- and online.

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    Ensure user adoption

    Utilise the in-build stats module allowing to track and evaluate the learning performance of your employees

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    Never fear an update

    Using the automated process testing tool, ensures that all your documentation of processes always is 100% up to date

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