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Why use Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing? Gain control over your production processes

Friday, January 15, 2021

Do you want to achieve optimum productivity, maximum customer satisfaction, and increased ROI? Digital transformation is completely changing the way manufacturers do business and has become a top priority for those looking to enable a more customer-centric approach while optimizing operational efficiency.

Today, with higher demands from customers, there’s now a greater focus on more value-added customer engagement. Customers want more than just standard offers and the demand for tailor-made products and services has increased. Organizations wanting to meet these expectations need to react quickly and be able to anticipate demand.

Featuring nine dedicated business apps, Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end cloud-based platform that helps organizations improve visibility, increase efficiency and flexibility, and lower costs. With powerful AI and critical business intelligence and collaborative capabilities, Dynamics 365 empowers organizations by providing them with actionable insights from their data.

This flexible, cost-efficient AI-powered solution bundles all your data in one centralized solution. It helps you streamline scheduling and inventory management processes allowing you to drive consistent and measurable improvements in daily processes. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) means you can detect and solve problems faster, helping further improve operational efficiency. It’s possible to automate production orders, scheduling, and dispatching. And, costs can be further reduced with the use of predictive maintenance.

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Enhanced visibility in your supply chain

Are you looking to improve productivity and profitability in your supply chain? Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management allows manufacturers to easily integrate all their supply chain data and visualize their operations. With real-time reporting, manufacturers can gain valuable insights with a complete overview of their supply chain business. With a more customer-centric approach, manufacturers can increase their competitive edge with improved visibility, better insights for collaboration discussions, and faster time to market.

Deliver smooth customer service

With comprehensive customer information at your fingertips, it’s possible to develop strong and meaningful relationships by delivering faster and more personalized services to your customers. This unified application offers various communication channels including real-time user chat functionality. This makes it possible to solve customer problems remotely and help build loyalty and trust with fast and convenient responses. Additionally, using predictive analytics based on historical actions and events, you can offer customers more customized offerings based on their usage and purchase history.

Agile production and manufacturing

Dynamics 365 offers dynamic management of production orders including advanced warehouse and logistics management tools. It’s easy to track production orders and ensure timely delivery. Plus, you can remotely manage the entire manufacturing process, so there’s no need to be present on the factory floor. And, because it allows you to share data across the organization while streamlining operational tasks, it enables a more agile manufacturing process. Factory floor employees have access to all the real-time data they need so they can monitor the process to ensure a high-quality, optimized production process.

Expedite innovation and time to market

By better understanding your product and customer needs, organizations can pursue greater innovations while continuing to provide high-quality customer service. Thanks to IoT you can gain better insights, for instance, using sensors on machines, you can quickly identify any faults or inefficiencies and use this information to improve future operations. With this data-driven approach, you can innovate faster and decrease time to market.

Furthermore, thanks to mobile devices, cloud-based applications, and the increasing use of IoT, manufacturers can offer additional services such as remote monitoring and proactive maintenance. With easy access to mobile tools and data, you can quickly and cost-efficiently solve any problems that may arise.

Efficient production with finite loading

Finite loading ensures production work proceeds at an even and efficient pace. Dynamics 365 makes it easy to schedule production based on demand. With a complete overview of the entire supply chain, Dynamics 365 predicts the right stock levels and can even recommend alternatives when specific items are not available. With real-time insights into performance and usage, machines can be monitored 24/7 and any issues that arise can be resolved remotely. It offers organizations a competitive advantage with automated business processes, optimized resource allocation, increased revenue, and continuous uptime.

Meeting your specific business needs

From cloud storage to IoT sensors, there are now more and more digital manufacturing tools available. Through digital transformation with Dynamics 365, manufacturers can avail of automated digital solutions to help optimize everyday issues such as inventory monitoring, quality control, and maintenance.

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