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Meet Germaine Haggar Moltke-Leth, Customer Sales Manager at Pipol

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

What is the role of our Sales Manager, and what is, in her opinion, the keyword for customer success?
Germaine is no stranger to innovation. With a master’s degree in psychology and over 30 years of experience in tech, she has navigated the ever-changing landscape of tech sales, management and leadership in numerous countries and industries. She started out in London and went to live and work in 7 countries around the world leading teams, solving customer challenges with her largest project encompassing 62 countries. For the past 2.5 years, she has worked for Pipol.

“I feel lucky to have been on the tech train for 3 decades!” she says with a smile. “I’ve worked with pioneers like Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, setting his sales team up in London and leading his early SaaS organization into the European market. I went from there into Cybersecurity and spent over a decade not only as a sales leader but also as a security consultant. I have seen firsthand how technology can transform businesses and teams so many times. Of course, I’m deeply fascinated by technology and innovation, but first and foremost, I’m dedicated to solving customers’ business challenges.”

“Each customer has different needs. Each customer’s landscape looks different, not only from customer to customer, and industry to industry, but from country to country. It’s my job to understand their needs, their pains and their unique challenges and find solutions that meet their goals.”

Establishing ERP projects in different countries with multiple partners is a complex task to navigate. As a partner organization, Pipol relies on its partners, and partners rely on Pipol. Our common goal is to strengthen the customer experience and outcome.

Germaine believes that transparency is key to customer success. “When we work together with our partners, we’re not just providing technical solutions – we’re building a platform built on trust. Building trust with customers means transparency and openness in communication, understanding each other’s ambitions (and limitations), are critical when creating a foundation where success can be created and thrive.”

Germaine has been continuing her education and training in various fields beyond her professional career, gaining cybersecurity and Microsoft certifications. She is also 4 years into her studies in becoming a grief worker, with a view to opening her home to people in need of emotional or physical support. It’s clear that she values lifelong learning and personal growth, which is reflected in her statement “Keeping my mind active is crucial to my well-being. Learning and self-development bring me a lot of joy. I have worked in volunteer positions for decades and giving back to people in need is important to me.”

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