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What is DataRobot, and why it matters

Thursday, September 9, 2021

DataRobot is democratizing data science. By eliminating the need for users to have a data engineering or data science background, it brings the power of AI analytics to a broader-than-ever slice of stakeholders and decision makers. So what does the leveling of the playing field mean for your business?

What is DataRobot? 

DataRobot is an AI platform used to build the predictive models enterprises depend on to accelerate their growth. But data science is a crowded field. Why is DataRobot scooping up awards and accolades left and right, including landing on the Forbes 2021 Cloud 100 list two years running?

DataRobot has taken the complex, time-consuming task of training AI and automated it. The platform draws from a number of open-source machine learning R and Python-based libraries, including scikit-learn, H2O, TensorFlow, Vowpal Wabbit, Spark ML, and XGBoost. But with DataRobot’s simple, drag-and-drop web-based interface, building and deploying sophisticated predictive models is a breeze…even for business analysts with little-to-no knowledge of machine learning or programming. By automating the selection of the ideal features, algorithms, and parameter values for building each model, the software supports best practices for new users. Meanwhile, the platform remains both flexible and extensible. As a result, experienced data engineers can dive deep to analyze and customize the models to generate highly specific insights as needed.

DataRobot is a tech disrupter, allowing more businesses than ever before to benefit from machine learning, and at incredible speeds.

Who’s using DataRobot AI? 

Panasonic. Deloitte. LendingTree. Harvard Business School. Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. All these businesses understand that AI and machine learning can help them improve productivity, gain actionable insights with better ROIs, understand their customer base and deepen customer relationships, and win new business in a competitive landscape. But why have they chosen an automated product to wrangle their big data?

Two big reasons: access and efficiency.

First, there isn’t enough data science talent to go around. By some estimates, tech giants Google and Facebook alone employ 80% of the machine learning PhDs entering the market. And the data science talent pool is set to shrink even more. Companies are so hungry to staff up with qualified individuals that they’re wooing AI professors away from teaching and∂moswl into the private sector, setting the stage for an even more critical shortage in the coming years.

Second, automated machine learning is faster, without sacrificing results. That allows companies to become more agile, swiftly analyzing and adjusting to changing conditions. And that means that even businesses with an incredible AI team in place stand to benefit, since DataRobot frees up their time to focus on innovative ways to add value.

Should I be using DataRobot AI?

If you’re already using AI in your business, the better question is this: What value is actually being delivered from that AI? Despite big budgets, the vast majority of AI initiatives never scale past proof of concept. Companies need to be aware of how predictive models are performing in real time in order to identify, refine, and pursue strategies that generate returns.

If you aren’t yet using AI in your business—or at least not to drive key decisions—the question you need to ask is how you will ensure you take strategic action on the timeframe needed to keep your organization from losing out to competitors. DataRobot offers a number of tangible benefits on that front:

  • Quickly and easily implement models that use solid algorithms and best practices—no ineffective experimental AI 
  • Create, deploy, and customize models to get precise predictions at scale, no matter how big or small your organization
  • Eliminate costly infrastructure setup, hardware purchases, and additional computing power by using the integrated cloud environment
  • Supercharge the staff you have rather than struggling to source hard-to-find new talent
  • Analyze information rapidly, ensuring you can pivot and adapt along with the market

But why DataRobot and not another solution (or solutions)? The simple truth is that the market has moved away from point solutions and toward end-to-end solutions. Increasingly, enterprises have realized the value of having a single integrated solution rather than an unmanageable lineup of disparate products aimed at disparate problems. DataRobot brings together a variety of tools into a single environment, so the tools and data work together seamlessly.

Where the magic happens

DataRobot’s centrally governed platform is available on your cloud platform-of-choice, on-premise, or as a fully-managed service. You always maintain ownership of your AI, and you choose where it’s deployed.

  • Managed AI cloud for maximum simplicity: get up and running fast and enjoy low total cost of ownership, robust security, and all the features of the AI platform
  • On-premise AI cluster for maximum control: you determine the parameters of performance, access, and data security
  • Private AI cloud to enjoy the benefits of the cloud without being tied to a specific vendor
  • Hybrid AI cloud to ensure you always have the ultimate flexibility to choose the operating environment and IT requirements for your needs

When Dynamics 365 meets DataRobot

All DataRobot models publish a REST API endpoint, which makes integrating them within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution a snap. You can set up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API to automate a workflow integrating with the DataRobot API to perform in-depth analyses of Dynamics 365 data. The resulting models can infuse your Dynamics 365 solution with unmatched levels of automation, accuracy, and transparency in all business processes.

When you integrate DataRobot’s cutting-edge machine learning technology into your Microsoft 365 solution, you put an incredible new tool into the hands of the team you already have in place. And that means big things for your business.

If you’re ready to hear how Pipol can help your business become a smarter, more agile, AI-driven enterprise with DataRobot, contact us today. 

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