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Pipol Partner World Conference Video: 2018 goals and the value of our alliance

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

At the Pipol Partner World Conference 2018, we focused on our customers’ agenda and the value delivered by the Pipol Partner Alliance. Or as Morten Søger, Director Channel & Alliances at Pipol puts it: “Customers need a trusted advisor more than ever. They need someone to take them by the hand and support their business transformation. This is exactly what we at Pipol do, together with our partners.”

On the agenda? Dramatically boosting value!

The key points identified this year were digitalization, execution and business transformation. By identifying and understanding these areas we will be able to dramatically boost the value we bring to our customers.

Solution Account Manager Abesse Hamdi from our partner 3Li, had this to say about takeaways: “We are not only talking about ERP solutions or CRM solutions. We are talking about business information and how to work with our customers – not only focusing on ERP or CRM but acknowledging the customer’s larger needs, and how we can help them.” Hear more from other Pipol partners and our Key Note Speaker from Microsoft; Marko Perisic, General Manager of Dynamics 365 in the below video.

Great expectation for the coming year

All the possibilities that lie in a combination of new solutions, services and capabilities, were also addressed during the conference. A successful international ERP deployment is as much about addressing business drivers and understanding and mitigating organizational, cultural and political constraints as it is about first-class software . Why? Because, at the end of the day, that’s how to improve our customers’ return on investment.

Here’s Pipol’s take on what’s to come in the words of Pipol CEO Poul Kjær: “We’ll be focusing on the customer’s journey. Concentrating on business transformation, as such, because we see it as a vital part of the journey the customer is on, and we will also be looking at – and trying to support – the customer’s ability to execute. In a dynamic world that is changing faster and faster, you have to be able to execute, as well as adapt rapidly.”

And that’s not all

Finally, there was plenty of informal networking, inspiration and shared insights into what’s on the horizon for our joint business in the year to come. Because those are things that are on the agenda every year at the Pipol Partner World Conference.

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