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Introducing Sijesh Thattarath, International Project Controller at Pipol

Friday, May 10, 2024

What is the role of our International Project Controller, and how does this role benefit our partners and customers? Let’s introduce you to Sijesh Thattarath, who works from our Danish office north of Copenhagen and controls all project budgets, finances, and administration across our international projects.

With a background at EY in India and an MBA in Finance, Sijesh Thattarath brings a wealth of experience to his role as International Project Controller at Pipol. Sijesh oversees all financial aspects and administration for Pipol’s international projects, ensuring seamless financial operations for partners and customers throughout the project lifecycle.

Sijesh collaborates closely with the International Engagement Manager on a daily basis (Meet one of our Engagement Manager John Taman here.). He controls project finances, including budgeting, scope, and change requests, and facilitates smooth financial processes.  One of Sijesh’s key responsibilities is creating and maintaining the partner reporting sheet, which tracks project progress, budget consistency, and any deviations. This tool is a crucial reference for partners and customers, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

“The reporting sheet is important as it helps partners and customers follow the agreed budget. We handle large international ERP projects with many countries and partners involved, so budgets are complex. I ensure clarity on both sides,” he says.

As Sijesh puts it, his role is dual-sided: “Serving as a bridge between partners and customers, I alleviate their burden of financial management. This allows partners to focus on project execution, i.e., developing, implementing, and other consulting work, and customers to focus on internal transformation, i.e., organizational and processual changes,” he says.

The aim is to foster successful project outcomes for all stakeholders. In cases of unforeseen challenges, Sijesh acts as a mediator, facilitating negotiations to find mutually beneficial solutions.

Sijesh has worked for Pipol for almost seven years after moving from India to Denmark with friends to explore new work opportunities and learn more about life in Europe. “Working with Pipol is ideal, as I love being in an international environment while being responsible for large projects. Working with the people here is easy, and I’m a big fan of the focus on work-life balance. Only the weather is a challenge now and then,” Sijesh Thattarath says.

FUN FACT: Sijesh Thattarath is interested in and plays cricket and enjoys organizing sports events. Conducting sports events, especially cricket tournaments, requires a lot of planning, teamwork, dedication, and passion. The goal for Sijesh is not just to organize matches but to create an unforgettable experience for all those who participate.

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