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International Engagement Manager – John Taman

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Introducing John Taman, International Engagement Manager at Pipol

If you’re a Pipol Partner, chances are you’ve encountered John Taman online. He serves as one of our International Engagement Managers, assisting with contract management, project onboarding, and advising on various issues. We’ve asked him to describe his background and keen interest in simplifying international ERP projects.

“I’ve spent the last 40 years working in international environments, and the cultural aspect has always been a tremendous source of inspiration for me and continues to be so. Interacting with people from all corners of the globe, I’ve come to appreciate the differences in our mindsets. Culture shapes our way of life and serves as a sounding board for nations, from East to West and North to South.

When we encounter difficulties syncing up, a good sense of humor can break down barriers, even in the most challenging situations. It’s important to note that international projects place significant demands on individuals. Some are receptive to change, while others are not. As an International Engagement Manager, I believe my primary role is to foster an environment where everyone can shine – including the end customer, local partners, and Pipol,” says John Taman.

John Taman has held positions such as IT Manager at Norske Bank and Manager of International Support at Deutsche Bank. Before joining Pipol in 2018, he spent a decade as an independent consultant, executing implementation projects in the Netherlands. During this time, he utilized Pipol as an international partner and witnessed the advantages of having a unified core solution, approach, and single point of responsibility and control.

“My experience with Pipol from the other side of the table has deepened my commitment to supporting global ERP implementation projects and overseeing all details across multiple countries. International ERP implementations are inherently complex, but we aim to simplify them. Period. Through our pragmatic and structured troubleshooting approach, we address issues for all stakeholders involved and assume responsibility for the entire delivery,” he explains.

Fun fact:
John Taman is an avid Lego enthusiast, boasting a collection of 25 large building sets. He argues that Lego is not merely for entertainment purposes. On numerous occasions, Lego has proven to be an excellent conversation starter when engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide. “Lego is universally recognized, and whenever I share stories about my intricate Lego projects, people’s faces light up.”

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