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Pipol is fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak

Friday, March 20, 2020

I am pleased to inform you that Pipol is fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak and able to serve customers and partners with the same passion, commitment and productivity as usual. The only difference is that we are working remotely.

Expect the highest level of service

Given the seriousness of the situation, we have canceled all travel and our team has been working from home offices for more than a week. Regardless of geographic location, all members of the Pipol team have the ability and tools to work remotely. Because we have always operated with a geographically distributed workforce, remote work capabilities and an agile workplace culture, you can continue to expect the highest level of service from us.

Business stability

We have consistently focused on business stability, and we are fully prepared to continue our operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. The current situation requiring remote working is in many ways just an extension of the work approach we have practiced for several years.

We foresee minimal impact on the delivery of our services and want to assure our customers, partners and collaborators that we are executing our continuity plans and providing our services without jeopardizing the safety and security of our team or others.

Ready to answer all your questions

Our team at Pipol is ready to answer any questions you might have, regarding ongoing international projects, consultancy services or support.

We hope you and your families will get through this challenging time safely and we look forward to returning to “normal” again.

Poul Kjær, CEO

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