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New partnership extends Pipol’s footprint in the US and Canada

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Pipol and Liberty Grove Software team up to deliver top-calibre Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central expertise to clients across North America.

Specialising in Distribution, Finance, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing industries, Liberty Grove Software has extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With locations in Chicago, USA and Toronto, Canada, it’s the go-to company for expert ERP implementations in North America.

In March, a representative from The Business Central User Group bridged a contact between Pipol and Liberty Grove Software and the beginnings of a partnership were struck. With Pipol working on extending its footprint in North America and Liberty Grove Software wanting to take on more international projects the partnership made good sense.

“Liberty Grove Software has extremely high standards when it comes to both Business Central expertise and customer service,” says Poul Kjær. “Together we look forward to serving clients in North America with flexibility and scalability to meet their ever-changing needs and technology requirements.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with Pipol” says Andrew Good, CEO of Liberty Grove Software. “It is a natural extension of our work with International customers as we continue to grow and move into new markets and countries.”

Pipol’s Partner Alliance is a big part of its value proposition towards international customers. The ability to serve customers on both a global and local level helps deliver a smooth, efficient ERP implementation process and a solid return on investment.

“As with all our valued partners, we envision that our collaboration with Liberty Grove Software will grow our joint volume of business and enable us to improve our service to customers worldwide,” Poul Kjær, Pipol concludes.

About Liberty Grove Software

Liberty Grove Software focuses exclusively on Business Central. Almost all certifications, third-party add-ons, associates, services and projects are Business Central-related. This is to achieve the highest calibre, dedicated expertise to customers

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