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Monday, March 4, 2019

Microsoft is sunsetting support for SQL Server 2008. We can help you move seamlessly to Azure.

We all knew the day would come.

Microsoft is ending mainstream support for SQL Server 2008 as of July 9, 2019. If you’re currently using the database, this is what it means for you.

  • You will stop receiving security updates – this may expose you to potential business interruptions
  • You may take on some compliance risks – as your business may fail to meet compliance standards and industry regulations
  • You may miss innovation opportunities – keeping up with digital transformation means keeping your competitive edge

Pipol can help you migrate to Azure now, and you get three more years of Microsoft support. We’re offering all Windows and SQL Server 2008 customers a no-obligation assessment, which includes:

  • An assessment of the impact of end of support across your SQL and server assets
  • A cost analysis of running your servers and databases in Azure
  • A recommended migration plan including a high-level design that ensures you benefit from the security updates through to 2023

Get in touch with us today to get your migration started.


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