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Are local business regulations keeping you up at night?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Get help from the experts for your Dynamics 365 localizations.

From payroll rules and tax policy to import/export regulations, every country has its own regulatory environment for businesses. That can make it difficult for international businesses to achieve compliance across the countries in which it operates. And, if you’re managing such a business, this may be what’s keeping you up at night.

Microsoft makes it easier

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes local functionality for a long list of countries, and Microsoft provides separate localization models, country and region context, regulatory certifications and more. However, to secure the successful implementation of the solution in each country, you need experts who have a solid grasp of the local regulations, language and culture.

Experts boots are already on the ground

Pipol has offices in more than 85 countries and a committed alliance of more than 80 leading local Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world. By drawing on the expertise and dedication of our local partners, we can ensure your Dynamics 365 localizations are executed according to local industries, customs and regulations. We work to remove the worry by keeping you in compliance at all times.

Get a full overview of our Dynamics 365 localization packages right here or reach out to discuss how we can support your localization needs.

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