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Working with the Pipol Partner Alliance

Monday, November 28, 2022

Part of Microsoft’s industry-leading partner ecosystem, Pipol offers expert guidance and support for customers looking to evaluate, implement, and get the most from their Dynamics 365 solution. While Dynamics 365 includes out-of-the-box capabilities, Pipol partners can help you tailor your existing functionality and add value to your solution with customized applications that add industry-specific functionality. Read more below about the Pipol Partner Alliance and the benefits of working with our international partner network 

Why work with a partner?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly customizable, cloud-based business management solution that brings many advantages to your organization. In addition to the base solution, Microsoft also offers hundreds of prebuilt applications all tailored to specific industries or business needs. With all these different services and applications available, it can be difficult to map out the best use of the software for your specific requirements. And what can you do to minimize the risk of ERP project failure? By working closely with a dependable Microsoft Partner, you can better understand the different applications and how to best use Dynamics 365 within your organization. An expert partner can help you determine the most efficient path forward to ensure you have the flexibility and possibility needed to respond to future changes.  

International implementations made easy

An ERP project doesn’t need to be a long and complex process especially when you have experienced partners guiding you. Because when you collaborate with the right local partners you can guarantee the best possible ROI for your international project. At Pipol, our powerful network makes it possible for partners to easily participate in international projects and helps ensure we all do the best for our customers wherever they are in the world. We work closely with our partners to unify their services with our unique know-how and experience in multisite implementations. After a solution is developed in one location, Pipol can ensure a seamless deployment across all locations. Furthermore, the Pipol Partner Alliance gives partners access to Pipol’s entire global network of Microsoft Dynamics ERP specialists and resources. And if your business has a specialized need the local partner can’t fill, Pipol will help meet it from within our partner network. 

Benefits of the alliance 

Our amazing community of strong, established, and experienced partners help us guarantee the success of every Pipol implementation, no matter where it occurs. By leveraging our partners’ deep experience with local industries, customs, and ways of doing business, we can better support international organizations. Together we work as a single point of contact to offer a smooth ERP path, from strategy and solution choice all the way to implementation and follow-up. This saves our customers time, resources, and worry. Pipol and our partners can help you tailor your existing functionality and extend and enhance the value of your solution with specific customized applications. In addition, we can guide you through every step of your journey—you’ll receive ongoing support, consultation, and recommendations on how to optimize your solution.  

Upgrading or starting from scratch? 

At Pipol we are wherever your business takes you. We can help your organization define a solid roadmap to ensure a smooth and agile implementation or upgrade journey. For instance, our easy-to-execute upgrade assessment dives deep into your current solution and carefully considers your business strategy to determine your ideal upgrade path. Designed to help you make the right decisions for your solution, it aligns your business with the Microsoft roadmap.  

Guiding you all the way

Our agenda is always to make business transformation simple and successful for international companies. And our delivery framework allows us to centrally manage any international implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from A to Z and across all major industries. We help each other and our clients to succeed by promoting dialogue, challenging assumptions, and providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Our partners are present on-site for implementation, maintenance, and support. And they offer fair and competitive cost structures for where you do business. Plus, they speak your local language and understand the local regulations and business culture. With vast knowledge of different market segments and business challenges, they often specialize in key local industries, delivering full-fledged total solutions or unique product suites as part of their Dynamics365 capabilities.

Who are the Pipol Partner Alliance? 

With offices in more than 85 countries and over 500 successful international Dynamics 365 deployments under our belt, Pipol draws on the expertise and dedication of our local partners to ensure your global ERP implementations are executed according to local industries, customs, and regulations. So, who are these partners and how did they become part of our alliance?  

Our recruitment criteria´s when looking for new partners is very selective. It includes requirements such as Microsoft Gold Competency, a proven history of successful Dynamics implementations, the capability to work on international deals, and the willingness to enter into long-term committed partnerships. Furthermore, our partners need to be a local market leader and have a strategic match with the Pipol Partner Alliance when it comes to true customer orientation and proactively building up new business.  

Want to know more?

Whether you need local help or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from our extensive alliance of Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world. Browse our partner directory or contact us directly to find the right partner for your organization.  

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