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Three reasons to consider an ERP solution that can adapt and scale with your business

Friday, February 1, 2019

Whether you’re a quickly growing start-up or you’re looking to take your company across borders, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can simplify your business and prepare you for an efficient and robust future.

Everybody plans to grow their business – but with growth comes complexity. If this complexity is not managed in your systems from early on, it can get out of control and be difficult (and expensive) to get on top of later – when it really counts. No matter how big your business is now, if you’re planning to scale or expand internationally, it may be a great time to consider an ERP solution.

An ERP solution integrates key business processes into one system, enabling better management and more efficient operations. This goes for both businesses based in one location and for international organisations. However, international organisations have a few added layers of complexity in the form of local language and regulatory requirements. If your business is about to go international, you need an ERP solution that’s agile and intelligent enough to handle this complexity.

Here are three reasons why your growing company should invest in a high-quality ERP solution:

You can centralize local and global data in one system

An agile ERP solution will make it just as easy to see what’s going on in one individual business unit as it is to get the big picture of your whole company. You can drill down into highly specific local data for one of your locations and then see how that local snapshot impacts the big picture across your organisation. You can also connect and coordinate your entire supply chain to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible and responding optimally to customer needs.

You can dissolve language and currency barriers

An intelligent ERP solution translates currencies across national borders, while still allowing users to see financial data in their local currencies. For example, if your company is based in London but you have a satellite office in Berlin, you can see Berlin’s financial data in British sterling. This makes it incredibly easy to manage the financials across borders.

At the same time, a good ERP solution lets you set up local language requirements – so your London office sees the system in English while your Berlin office sees it in German. They are working with the same system and the same data, but in the local language and in compliance with local regulatory requirements.

You can scale, adapt and grow – easier

Businesses that aspire to grow – either in their own country or internationally – need a solution that will grow with them. For many businesses, growth happens suddenly, and they find out the hard way that their ERP solutions aren’t designed to handle added complexity. In these cases, the inflexible ERP becomes a growth inhibitor and its limitations need to be rectified before the business can truly take off. An ERP solution that’s designed to be agile enough to adapt along with you, wherever you go, is an important asset for future-proofing and growing your business.

We can help you decide on the right ERP solution for your business with our product selection workshop. And, once you’ve decided, it’s time to consider the best implementation strategy. Check out our white paper on international ERP implementations for guidance on how to build quality into your international ERP project. Or get in touch to discuss your project with us.

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