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One core platform reduces costs by 10-20 percent 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

A disconnected IT and application landscape is costly to support and develop. Disparate systems require different IT competencies that may – or may not – be available in the countries you operate in. It also involves a business risk because you do not have control over data. With one, core solution on one cloud platform, you achieve cheaper operating costs, while always being up to date on real-time data – everywhere in the world. 

Although cost reduction is seldom the primary driver for consolidating your different international ERP solutions, it’s always a key benefit. Besides the cost reduction that follows with consolidating licenses with one vendor, companies typically obtain a cost reduction of 10-20 percent. The reason is, among others:  

  • One common IT platform 
  • One common cloud-based solution  
  • Lower operational costs 
  • Streamlined internal and external support function  
  • Standardized and harmonized processes  
  • Control of data  
  • Better management of the entire global business 

Imagine that you are present in three countries. Country A uses Apple phones, country B uses Samsung phones, and country C uses Nokia phones. You have three different operating systems, three different kinds of hardware and adaptors, and three databases to manage, operate, and maintain. Each supporter in each country is specialized in each operating system, and they are not able to help each other across countries in periods of extra workloads. You also have three different procurement processes and limited or no access to discounts. To be efficient, you want the same solution in all three countries.  

 No matter which Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution fits your international company best, you will gain efficiency and transparency. Three disparate support functions become one, and maybe two supporters are sufficient to handle the daily tickets. With one manual, one type of hardware, one database, and one common platform, life in the IT department becomes much easier.  Licensing becomes more cost-efficient, too, as it is easier to gain discounts whey buying large-scale.  

 We help you navigate, choose the solution that fits the needs of your international company, and gain the cost benefits of standardizing and harmonizing your international ERP solution.  


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