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No matter how you want to grow your business, you need one CORE solution

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The desire for growth is a key driver for transforming a company’s digital backbone. If business solutions are decentralized and disintegrated, it takes unnecessary time and resources to make data flow effortless between countries. Disconnected solutions across countries complicate any step of the way towards international growth.

The world is becoming more and more international, and more companies are operating across borders. If you are chasing revenue-generating growth, you may likely have an aggressive growth strategy requiring acquisitions and fast onboarding of these new companies. You may also want to make your international company even more attractive for larger companies on an acquisition trail.

So how do you prepare for growth? With a uniform digital backbone throughout all your international business units, you get a grip on your entire company from a holistic viewpoint. With one CORE solution you simplify implementation, data alignment, and control of each business unit.

We have seen an example of a very aggressive growth strategy at a Swedish biotech company, which is nominated to be a unicorn company. There was pressure from investors to consolidate and grow, as well as pressure from the business to create a digital backbone that enables this growth. With one CORE solution, the biotech company is now able to quickly roll-out ERP in every new company they acquire.

If you are chasing cost-reducing growth, you want more efficient processes and cost reductions in your daily operations. This is a typical case for companies with a classic business model. They are suddenly under great pressure from competitors from low-cost countries or disruptors who have invented smarter and faster ways to solve customers’ challenges.

We have worked on a project for a company with a classic business model – a French manufacturer of railway reels and railway mounting machines. They have built a good and solid business in a niche market. But fierce competition from low-cost countries forced them to explore how they could achieve better and cheaper development and operation costs.

The first step was to introduce lean processes and operational savings to strengthen their competitiveness. The next step was to get a common platform for business data that was spread in many disconnected business solutions. As a group, they had difficulty in getting an overview of how the company performed, and it was almost impossible to consolidate data and make a global sales forecast. With one CORE solution, the manufacturer is now able to quickly consolidate data and know where to reduce costs – and where to invest.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the agile way of transforming businesses, no matter size and industry. Choosing an application-based platform as your ERP solution helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through insights. Dynamics 365 leverages the value of international companies and strengthens the cross-national organization. It ensures rapid scaling and growth while – at the same time – enables local adaptations.

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