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It’s not too late to digitize – in more ways than one

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A dual strategy to digitization is paving the way for successful incumbent companies.

The world is changing rapidly and so is the competitive landscape in many industries – largely driven by digitization. Many incumbent companies are finding out that in the face of threats from digital challengers, it takes more than just digitizing its core holdings to compete. A dual strategy of building innovative new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations is helping top-performing companies to succeed.

Organic growth and a strong market position

This is backed up by a recent survey on digital strategy by McKinsey. According to respondents, digitized incumbents – companies that are more than 20% digital and are launching new digital businesses while transforming the core – are twice as likely as traditional incumbents to experience organic revenue growth of 25% or higher.

Digitized incumbents also command a 20% share, on average, of their core markets. That’s five percentage points more than what respondents at traditional incumbents report, and four times what respondents at digital natives do.

A long way to go

Despite these advantages, more than half of all respondents say that their companies have made no changes to their business portfolios because of digitization. And two-thirds say that their companies have not launched new digital businesses.

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