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How to get your ERP implementation project back on track

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Many international ERP projects fail, but yours doesn’t have to. Find out how to rescue your project if you think it’s heading in the wrong direction.

McKinsey estimates that the failure rate of large-scale change programs is 70%, and ERP Focus reports that 60% of ERP projects break down. There are multiple reasons why international ERP implementations fail, from lack of engaged leadership to the wrong choice of software and the wrong choice of partner.

The cultural factor

However, one of the main reasons we at Pipol have seen ERP projects fail is the underestimation of the cultural impact. Some of the cultural factors that contribute to this failure are:

  • The software doesn’t fit the local culture
  • Regional markets are not primed to take ownership of the project
  • Lack of adequate cultural management processes
  • Unaddressed cross-functional diversity

Ensure effective change management

Making change management a priority during international ERP projects can reduce the risk of failure. Be sure to manage the change through to every region and subsidiary, not just at headquarters. Change is hard, especially when it is sent in from abroad and the people on the ground don’t understand its purpose.

By anticipating the varied impacts on people and communicating frequently with them along the way, you can achieve a sound, successful implementation. And don’t forget to involve users in the regions as much as possible. Gather their input, involve them in testing, and give them thorough training on the solution once it’s close to launch.

Is your ERP project heading off track?

If your project is experiencing some missteps or heading in the wrong direction, don’t hesitate to bring in experts. At Pipol, we offer a special project recovery service that can swiftly and efficiently rescue any project and put you back on the track to success.

We start with a focused workshop that helps us zero in on your challenges and align recovery options with your project’s stakeholders. We then develop a Project Recovery Report that encapsulates our recommendations including an actionable plan for your international Dynamics implementation. If you need help executing the plan as well, we will, of course, assist you.

To find out more about how we can help rescue your international ERP implementation, get in touch today.

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