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  • International ERP project

    Whitepapers: successful international project

    International ERP projects are disruptive and rather complicated. Forget all you believe you know about ERP projects. With international projects the complexity is exponential and surprises are always buried in the details. Check out our two new whitepapers on the topic and avoid costly mistakes.

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  • global process harmonization

    Process harmonization: best fit vs. best practice

    Global process harmonization is key to the success of an international ERP implementation. Your company has hundreds of processes.. which ones should you keep and which should you leave behind?

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  • Cloud based ERP

    Move successfully to the Cloud

    I often hear people refer to the cloud as a strategy – it is not. It is more a tool, a facilitator or enabler for ERP strategy and potentially for your infrastructure strategy as well. When that is said, it is an amazing tool, that can give impressive results, if only by freeing up IT costs.

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  • change management

    Change management: 3 tips to break down resistance

    25+ years of experience have taught me that, when an ERP implementation fails, it is much more about the people involved than it is about technology. Forrester Research also already documented this fact more than 10 years ago. And along the years, many studies have shown the same result: resistance from users to adapting to the required is the main cause of ERP project failures.

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  • Shared Services Tips

    9 tips for Shared Services success

    There is no arguing against the benefits of Shared Services - but how do you secure a successfully Shared Services implementation?

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  • NAV 2016 efficiency

    NAV 2016: Work more efficiently

    NAV 2016 delivers breakthrough software innovations and new deployment options, and enhancements that can significantly improve your organization’s productivity. It is indeed a very good version to upgrade to.

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  • Digital disruption

    Become a digital disrupter

    Millennials will become the biggest generation in US workforce representing 34% of the population. Millennials are a completely different generation from mine. And I know what I’m talking about because I have a few Millennials myself at home.

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  • International ERP

    10 tips for ERP across borders

    It is no secret that the markets (and therefore the actors in the markets) have become increasingly global, feeding a need for increased central control of international corporate finance. After more than 25 years...

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  • ERP subsidiary implementations

    Implement ERP in your subsidiaries

    Not a single of the top 5 most common pitfalls of ERP implementations in subsidiaries is directly IT-related. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to you, but in our daily work implementing ERP worldwide...

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  • Cloud computing

    My cloud confession

    Hi, my name is Henning and I am a nephophobic, understand that I am afraid of clouds, or rather in my case afraid of The Cloud that seemed too invasive for my control freak genes.

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