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Make your power play with the right platform

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

With Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can empower everyone in your organisation, regardless of technical ability, to innovate, create and achieve.

Technology is the key enabler for almost any company to innovate and grow. But even the most advanced technology is only powerful if people across the organisation can access and use it. If your company is in the midst of a digital transformation and relies on developers to code, recode and recode again, your transformation could be harrowing. And if only your analysts can access and interpret your company’s data, you’re only harnessing a fraction of your company’s potential.

The strategy of the giants

To speed up innovation, empower their employees, and sharpen their competitive edge, many tech giants and industry leaders are adopting a platform strategy where IT is organized around a set of modular platforms. Platforms allow them to move faster, more flexibly, and at greater scale than their competitors. IT becomes an enabler and driver of continuous innovation and adaptation instead of an inhibitor that just gets in the way.

Each platform consists of a logical cluster of activities and associated technology that delivers on a specific business goal, such as data handling and aggregation, and can be run as a business, or “as a service”. A platform-based company will have 20-40 platforms, each big enough to provide an important and discrete function but small enough to be manageable. The platforms are managed individually, can be swapped in and out, and, when “assembled”, form the backbone of a company’s technology capability.

The Power Platform for data

Microsoft has developed a platform specifically for data. Organisations around the world have embraced the value of using data to drive business outcomes. Mass quantities of data are being stored in the cloud, and organisations are becoming more efficient at harnessing data and signals coming from multiple sources such as web traffic, social media, CRM and ERP applications. However, once they implemented the infrastructure for harnessing data, they needed a way to make the data work for them more efficiently – a way for everyone in the company to work with the data to drive a business impact.

That’s what Microsoft’s Power Platform does. In most organisations, there aren’t enough programmers, data scientists and tech professionals to go around. With the Power Platform,

Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow (three cloud-based services) all work together on top your data, so that everyone from the CEO to the sales frontline is empowered to access, analyse and act on the business data.

Powering up your digital transformation

No matter what kind of company you are, a platform strategy can make you more agile and efficient. Include a smart and easy data platform in your strategy and you could be well on your way to achieving transformational innovation and edging out your competition. For more information on Microsoft Power Platform and how it can support your digital transformation, please get in touch with us today.

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