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Collaboration breeds success: Meet Global Mediator – our Rising Star Award Winner 2023

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Since 2018, Pipol has collaborated with Global Mediator, a leading Danish software firm with development centers based in Ukraine and Romania. Global Mediator develops the core for large-scale international Business Central projects facilitating seamless migrations of legacy Microsoft systems to the cloud. Global Mediator earned Pipol’s esteemed Rising Star Award in 2023 for their unwavering commitment to shared objectives. Read about the company’s distinctive market approach, which cements its pivotal role as Pipol’s ally.

“It caught us off guard,” confesses Nicolai Krarup, COO of Global Mediator, reflecting on the Rising Star Award win. But we’re immensely grateful. Our bond with Pipol and the broader partner network runs deep. It feels like being part of an extended family, grounded in shared values and a unified work ethos.”

With a workforce of 100 professionals in software development spanning 12 countries, Global Mediator has refined its expertise since 2012 in streamlining and digitizing business processes on platforms like Business Central, Power Platform, .Net, and Azure. Developing core solutions tailored for international Business Central deployments, subsequently fine-tuned by local partners, Global Mediator also leads the transition of legacy Microsoft solutions – such as NAV – into the cloud-based Business Central environment.

Recent innovations by Global Mediator include Discovery X-ray, an automated tool capable of swiftly analyzing a company’s existing setup and shedding light on the challenges inherent in transitioning to the cloud.

“Our involvement in the technical facets of ERP projects fills a critical vacuum for many partners. While they excel in implementing and customizing local adaptations, we specialize in architecting the core solution for cloud environments. We have comprehensive control over core solutions and manage the transition from monolithic setups to distributed cloud architectures, which involves many integrations and intensified demands on GDPR compliance. Moreover, with Microsoft’s monthly updates, we ensure continuous Quality Assurance via automated testing,” explains Nicolai Krarup.

Putting software engineers at the forefront
Both born and raised in Denmark, Global Mediator’s founders, Christian Holst-Jensen and Nicolai Krarup, value psychological safety and a flat hierarchy – values that are seamlessly aligned with those of Pipol.

“Our Danish heritage encourages a profound respect for individuality. We prioritize active listening, openness, and constructive feedback. Unlike traditional setups where software engineers remain in the shadows, our team actively engages in client meetings, fostering repore and obtaining vital insights. Thus, we empower our software engineers to be at the forefront rather than merely execute. We encourage them to probe deeper with customer questions like ‘why’ and ‘why not’ instead of ‘what do you want’ and ‘when.’ This collaborative dynamic invariably enriches the result,” remarks Krarup.

“In addition, we specialize in a minimalistic approach to solutions. The coding footprint should be small; we use best and solid QA practices. This makes the solutions easier to maintain and improves customer business processes,” he says.

Fostering mutual value
Global Mediator helps Pipol support companies migrating to the cloud with the flexibility, mindset, and tools the company brings.

“Our partnership with Pipol has broadened our global perspective and given us access to high-profile projects and an including network. The synergy between our entities fuels innovation and inspires fresh perspectives on problem-solving and potential business opportunities. It’s stimulating to be part of a larger collective,” Krarup reflects.

Personal safety is the top priority
Even amidst geopolitical unrest, Global Mediator works precisely as before the war broke out. However, employee well-being and safety are prioritized over commercial goals.

“In times of uncertainty, ensuring the safety and stability of our team takes precedence. Whether seeking shelter during air raid sirens or simply acknowledging and processing shared emotions, our focus remains on collective well-being. The commitment demonstrated by our team in navigating these turbulent times is truly admirable,” Krarup affirms and continues:

“No one can save the whole world, but we do everything we can to support  our community,” he ends.

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