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ERP Roadmap & Scoping

Are you about to embark on an international Microsoft Dynamics 365 journey, but need clarity and certainty around scope, effort, cost, timelines, and what it takes to rollout across countries? Let’s help you make the right decisions with an ERP roadmap.

We accelerate the path to clarity by applying a proven methodology for scoping and planning both larger and smaller international Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations. Our approach enables us to accurately determine scope, quickly estimate cost and define the right ERP roadmap for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 journey.

No matter if you want to make quick budgeting and planning decisions or need to define your journey in greater detail to prepare for project kick-off, the process is simple. We use a ready-made questionnaire to easily capture key information needed for scoping and for creating an ERP roadmap to estimate your international Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.

We also provide a Dynamics 365 Transformation Calculator. The calculator enables us to jointly develop a complete and transparent cost breakdown of your international Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation – even if there is only limited information available about the scope of the project. All our estimates are supported by quantifiable assumptions and are verified against similar international and local implementations.

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