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  • Digital Maturity Assessment

We believe digital maturity is the best indicator for measuring digital transformation success. The reason is simple. Digital maturity not only reveals how you digitally perform as a business at a given point in time. It also enables you to identify where to digitally improve and focus your digital investment so you gain most business value from Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft platform. 


Our Digital Maturity Assessment provides you with a 360 degrees’ baseline view on your digital maturity across entities, departments, and business processes. By benchmarking your digital maturity against peer companies and industries, this may very well lead to eye-opening insights that allow you to identify digital improvement areas and narrow down the scope of digital change.  

Our well-founded framework is adaptable and scalable to various assessment scenarios, and it enables us to conduct further assessments across various stages of your international Dynamics 365 journey. This is key. Because what is measured, gets done. And by measuring along the way, you can monitor progress in digital maturity, justify investments made, and continuously identify new opportunities for you to gain even more business value from your Microsoft platform investment. 

Throughout the process, we help foster awareness across your key stakeholders about current state digital maturity, and what future digital opportunities lie ahead for your specific business and industry. The shared awareness enables you to accelerate internal alignment, prioritization, and decision-making – and above all – you get a great starting point for establishing a shared digital vision and direction for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 journey.  


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