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Clayton Industries ERP Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer: Clayton Industries
Industry: Family-owned Production Company
Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Region: Belgium and the Americas

“Pipol’s strong focus on customer results and their effective project management were crucial for us reaching our goals. Their partner structure, single point of contact, expert product knowledge, and responsible approach to expansion and budget were key success factors in our project.” – Jorge A. Cea, Global IT Manager, Clayton Industries.

Clayton Industries, a family-owned production company with extensive operations in the USA, Belgium, and Mexico, faced a significant challenge in modernizing its business processes through an international ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project. Given their family-owned nature, dedicating the necessary internal resources for such a large-scale project was daunting. However, a streamlined, efficient, and scalable ERP system was crucial for their continued growth and operational efficiency.

Resource Allocation
Clayton Industries, a family-owned business, had limited internal resources to manage a complex international ERP implementation.

Cost and Time Efficiency
The company needed a solution that was not only cost-effective but also quick to implement to minimize disruption and ensure a fast return on investment

Expertise and Guidance
Navigating the intricacies of an ERP system requires a partner with profound product knowledge and a proven track record in successful ERP implementations.
Clayton Industries turned to Pipol, a global ERP consulting firm renowned for its focus on customer results and effective project management. Pipol provided a robust ERP solution that was already 85% ready to use, significantly reducing the customization and implementation time required.


Key Advantages

  1. Cost Savings: Using a pre-configured ERP system, Clayton Industries avoided the high costs associated with custom-built solutions. This approach also minimized the need for extensive modifications, leading to substantial cost savings.
  2. Rapid Implementation: The ERP system’s pre-configured nature allowed for rapid implementation, allowing Clayton Industries to benefit from the new system sooner rather than later.
  3. Expert Partner Network: Pipol’s extensive partner network ensured that Clayton Industries had access to a wide range of expertise and support throughout the implementation process. This network provided localized support and knowledge, crucial for the multi-country rollout.
  4. Single Point of Contact: Pipol’s approach of providing a single point of contact simplified communication and coordination, making the project management process smoother and more efficient.
  5. Responsible Budget Management: Pipol’s commitment to budget constraints ensured that Clayton Industries’ ERP project was financially manageable, avoiding cost overruns and providing a high return on investment.
  6. Expert Product Knowledge: Pipol’s deep understanding of ERP systems and their functionality provided insightful guidance and practical solutions tailored to Clayton Industries’ needs.


The collaboration with Pipol successfully implemented a new ERP system across Clayton Industries’ facilities in the USA, Belgium, and Mexico. The new system streamlined their business processes, improved operational efficiency, and positioned the company for future growth.

Clayton Industries now enjoys enhanced productivity, better resource management, and a more agile operational framework, all thanks to Pipol’s expert project management and comprehensive support structure. The project is a testament to Pipol’s ability to deliver exceptional results, even in challenging and resource-constrained environments.

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