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Why use Dynamics 365 for retail? A powerful, end-to-end, omnichannel solution for retailers

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Designed to help organizations stay ahead of the competition, Dynamics 365 unifies back-office, in-store, call center, and online experiences. It helps retailers deliver outstanding customer service while identifying ways to improve employee productivity and drive supply chain efficiencies.

Ideal for multi-company, multi-brand, and/or multi-channel operations, Dynamics 365 helps retailers deliver a seamless, personalized shopping experience. Employees have access to real-time, relevant information and teams can easily manage initiatives across multiple sales channels. With valuable insights, retailers can optimize processes, enabling better financial performance and greater customer reach. Read more about the benefits this unified solution can bring to your international retail organization.

Fully integrated Point of Sale system

Thanks to unified point of sale data, you can centrally manage all inventory, merchandising, and channel operations. This enables better control of daily operations and makes it easy to keep track of sales and performance at each location. This cloud-based solution can be accessed using mobile phones and tablets whether it’s Windows, iOS, Android, and other web browsers. With access to real-time information for products, prices, and buying habits, retailers can optimize their operations and create improved buying experiences that generate more profits. Furthermore, integrating the online store system with logistics and mobile payment systems, reduces maintenance and update costs.

Exceptional shopping experiences across channels

Today, customers have high expectations. They want to be able to engage with retailers across multiple channels at any time and from any place. And, they want convenient, personalized products and services. Whether it’s e-commerce, in-store, call centers, back office, or emerging channels, this comprehensive omni-channel solution provides you with the information you need to ensure an insightful, personalized, and seamless shopping experience.  Featuring built-in web authoring and development tools, you can deliver outstanding digital experiences and create engaging and intelligent digital storefronts. It also offers insights to help you define the right products, at the right price, on the right channels. And, you can give your customers the option to purchase when, how, and where they want. By consistently engaging across online and offline channels, you can foster long-term relationships to help strengthen your brand.

Active Social Media Engagement

With access to intelligent marketing, social media, and advanced analytics you can make smarter decisions about your retail operations, based on high-quality information. Dynamics 365 includes tools to help you stay on top of your social media communication. You can actively listen to your customers’ opinions on most social media platforms and interact with them directly by responding to their questions or comments. You can create automated, measurable campaigns and set up dashboards displaying relevant campaign information — in more than 40 languages. Plus, with 24/7 notifications it’s easy to monitor posts about your organization or brand as well as keep an eye on what campaigns and conversations your competitors are having.

Empower your workforce

Dynamics 365 not only helps employees know and better serve your customers, it also gives them the information they need to be highly productive and organized in their work. You can assign people to specific departments, jobs, positions, and reporting responsibilities. And, they can view their assignments, responsibilities, and schedules from a self-service portal. With detailed insights, such as real-time inventory and order details, you can empower your workforce so they can better engage with your customers. Plus, cross-channel task management and notifications enable better communication and collaboration across teams and locations.

A solution that grows with you

Designed for both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a secure, unified, end-to-end business management solution that’s easy to scale as your business grows. It’s highly customizable and offers flexible deployment options to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, Microsoft frequently release upgrades with hundreds of new features and enhancements to ensure improved service quality, supportability, end-user productivity, and improved experiences for users.

Do you want to know more about the benefits Dynamics 365 can bring to your retail organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how Pipol can help you define a plan for moving forward.

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