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Why involve an International Engagement Manager in your next ERP project?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The implementation of an ERP solution is a major project for any company and can be especially complex for international organizations.

There is an expectation for ERP projects to be difficult but having an International Engagement Manager (IEM) on the project can help simplify communication and streamline processes, making the project run smoother and more efficiently.

What is an International Engagement Manager?

The role of the IEM is to bring their experience to bear to establish a vision and framework for the project going forward. The IEM works closely with the client throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring all information is communicated to the client, including the project’s current status compared to its initial vision and baseline. The IEM ensures touchpoints between the client and partners throughout the process, making sure the client’s expectations are carried out in a clear, methodical way at all deployment sites. This increases trust and allows for better overall communication between all stakeholders involved in the project.

“With the longer-term engagements that we have, some of which go over many years, having a close relationship with a client is helpful on both sides,” says Alan Denney, Pipol IEM. “Following a proven methodology and communicating clearly with everyone involved results in a successful project that meets the client’s expectations.”

What makes Pipol International Engagement Management unique?

At Pipol, our IEMs work in a unique way with the client to understand exactly what they are aiming to achieve. We work closely together to develop the requirements of the project and define how long the project will take, the resources needed and how much it will ultimately cost. We deliver the project through our worldwide partner alliance and provide a clear and proven methodology for rolling out the project, step by step.

We know that there is great value in working this way with international organisations, from the many satisified clients we have had over the years. No matter the countries that our clients have subsidiaries in, they see the added gain in partnering with Pipol and having an IEM steer the project. This is a sure-fire way to maintain standards and consistency through the project, and our IEMs work hard to ensure the consistency across projects in all relevant locations.

To hear more about how our IEM’s work and how they could make your international ERP project easier, get in touch today.


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