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The most efficient path to a successful international ERP project

Monday, November 5, 2018

Following a simple set of clear principles can put you on the path to project success.

Whether you’re a seasoned CIO or you are engaging in your first international ERP implementation project, there is a wide range of pitfalls waiting for you. These projects can be costly, lengthy and laden with risk. They often reach into all aspects the business and can impact operations at every level. The stakes could not be higher.  But there are proven ways to reduce risk at each phase of the project and clear a path toward ERP success.

Be strategic when structuring your process

Thanks to local language and regulatory requirements, international ERP projects are inherently complex. That’s why it’s important to create a firm structure for your project before you even begin. When setting priorities, place process above functionality. Get an understanding of the entire value chain and its process first and prioritize according to where you will gain most from simplifying and automating processes.

Take a flexible approach: best practice or best fit?

In an international organization, it’s important to know when to apply processes uniformly and when to adapt to local needs. This requires a means of identifying which processes will work across the organization as best practice, when it is time to adopt a process locally as best fit, and when you should drop an existing or desired process altogether. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot formalize a process as best practice or best fit, throw it out.

Communication is king!

During an ERP implementation, communication across the organization and with partners and vendors can make or break the project. Users on the front lines of your organization should be your top priority. People can be resistant to change, but openness and dialogue can change this. Turn users into ambassadors of the new system by involving them in the process and training them early. You’d be surprised how far this can go in building project momentum and gaining organizational backing for the change.

These are just a few of the principles outlined in Pipol’s whitepaper on the shortest path to success with ERP implementations. You are able to download your copy below. Or reach out to Pipol to discuss your project challenges. 


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