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Size isn’t everything: When International NAV makes sense for big companies

Thursday, September 30, 2021
International NAV

Big international companies have big turnover, big customer bases, big brand recognition. But they also often have a multitude of smaller local offices spread out around the globe. That’s where Dynamics NAV and its successor shines.

Objects in the mirror may be smaller than they appear 

In terms of structure, a large international company is often a franchise organization or collaborative chain. Similarly, peeking behind the curtain of what’s enigmatically labeled an “international enterprise” will often reveal several subsidiaries, branches, or divisions of the parent company.

Together, these local sites form an international enterprise. Individually, though, they tend to have the same characteristics as the typical Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer: small or mid-sized offices with unique business processes and a need for flexible, vertically focused solutions that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. 

So, while a company’s headquarters might decide to opt for an enterprise solution, Dynamics NAV (or Business Central—more on that later) is a great fit for subsidiaries in need of localization.

What does International NAV look like in the field?

Parent companies want central management of an integrated system, both in terms of decision making and project management as well as the actual deployment. At the same time, site-level flexibility allows them to meet the requirements for local processes and procedures. 

At Pipol, we’ve seen international NAV solutions help our clients accomplish the following:

  • Harmonize business processes
  • Improve reporting
  • Secure a fast implementation with a lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment
  • Share master data about customers, vendors, items, prices, etc.
  • Consolidate data and processes, from financial statements and accounts information to organization-wide inventory or product availability 
  • Increase control of subsidiaries and branches through the application and implementation of standards and global business concepts
  • Establish uniform and integrated work processes to propel the company forward on its vision

We’ve supported those successes by developing our own CORE (COre REquirements) model. With it, we define what level of harmonization is possible in your organization and how to achieve success, based on your goals. Just as important, we determine the best way to implement a given action. 

What does the future hold for Dynamics NAV?

In 2016, Microsoft released Dynamics 365, a portfolio of business apps that replaced its previous Dynamics offerings. With it came Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which has taken NAV’s place in the company’s roadmap. 

In concrete terms, that means NAV is no longer the best option for businesses seeking the most competitive tools and solutions available. Its slower operational speeds limit your business’ productivity, and it doesn’t guarantee legislative compliance when it comes to issues like Brexit and GDPR. Moreover, legacy systems—including NAV—are less capable when it comes to integrating and analyzing large data sets. There are also security considerations: Over time, security fixes and updates for NAV will be phased out, increasing risk for companies that delay upgrading.

Of course, change takes time, and companies around the world are still using Dynamics NAV. As an established NAV partner, Pipol supports them with needed maintenance, as well as new modules, customizations, and integrations. And when they’re ready to upgrade to a new ERP, they’ll benefit from our expert input for a secure, seamless transition.  

Upgrading an International NAV implementation

Since Business Central is a re-imagined, rebranded NAV/Navision, it’s the natural upgrade choice for most businesses that thrived on NAV. Business Central has preserved what made Dynamics NAV great while also expanding it with fresh offerings. And the whole solution has been made more powerful and portable, thanks to the breathtaking speed and scalability of the cloud. 

But if your business didn’t thrive on NAV—or if your organization has changed significantly since the original implementation—we can help you customize your solution or find the right Dynamics 365 alternative for your needs. We like a tough case. 

Even better—we’re good at them. 

If localization is king, why choose an international NAV partner like Pipol? 

Pipol doesn’t just value local partners—we see them as an essential part of the way we do business. It’s why we have curated a vast network of experienced, dependable local partners. They serve as our clients’ on-site implementation, maintenance, and support team, priced for the local economy. They often bring deep experience in key local industries, which means they can offer valuable proprietary solutions or unique product suites as part of their NAV or Dynamics 365 services.

But when you include Pipol in your project, you engage with an experienced partner who has participated in designing, streamlining, and implementing business transformation strategies for many Fortune 500 companies…while also securing access to our local partners’ expertise. While our local partners navigate you through country- and industry-specific customs, regulations, and technical challenges, Pipol ensures that you are able to stick to your company’s strategic roadmap. 

Our organizational setup is tailor-made for international deployment which means we have:

  • Well-anchored roles and responsibilities 
  • Extensive services
  • Centralized project management 
  • Expert consultants

All of which means less risk for you, a higher ROI, and a smooth, efficient roll-out across your entire organization. That’s true whether you’re looking at implementation, customization, maintenance, or upgrade. 

For an opportunity to discuss your goals—and how we can help you get there—contact us today.

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