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Finding a Global Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner in 2022 and beyond

Friday, November 12, 2021

Businesses are constantly growing and evolving, and it can be challenging to transform your business and ensure you can always address your needs— both today and tomorrow. By working closely with a reliable Microsoft Partner, you can determine the most efficient path forward for your organization and ensure you have the flexibility and possibility needed to respond to future changes. By choosing the right solution and the right support team, it’s possible to achieve great results in a short time.

What is Dynamics AX?

First released in 2002, Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of Microsoft’s ERP products. This feature-rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers finance, manufacturing, distribution, and HR capabilities. It’s primarily available as a desktop-based application with some web and mobile add-on components available. Dynamics AX does not include built-in CRM functionality, but Dynamics CRM functionality is separately available.

With mainstream support ending in October 2021, the original Dynamics AX is no longer available to new customers. However, because many organizations are still using Dynamics AX, existing customers can buy additional licenses through the new Dynamics 365 licensing model.

Why does Pipol still support organizations as a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner?

The short version: because many organizations are still using Dynamics AX.

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 was announced in 2016, over thousands of customers worldwide were using Dynamics AX. Five years later, AX is still in use in organizations around the world. And those organizations need support with new modules, customizations, and integrations.

So why haven’t those customers made the shift to Dynamics 365?

The reasons are as varied as the businesses. Some organizations rely heavily on specific add-ons and customizations they’ve made in AX. Others aren’t sure what it takes to upgrade and are leery of the financial or time investment. And still, others don’t want to give up the solid system they have for one they don’t know.

The good news is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has preserved what made Dynamics AX great and expanded it in their current ERP systems.

What’s the best ERP upgrade for AX users?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is Microsoft’s re-imagined, rebranded Dynamics AX, making it a natural choice for businesses that thrived on AX. It brings the full power of Dynamics AX to the speed and scalability of the cloud. This complete web- and cloud-based ERP solution offers tight integration with the Dynamics 365 family.

Thanks to an updated, intuitive user experience that’s paired with the familiar Microsoft Office 365 user interface, Dynamics 365 allows for ease of transition. And, personalized feeds and smart notifications empower your organization to work smarter and accomplish more than ever before.

We really like AX, though. Can’t we keep using it?

Yes, you can—for now. At Pipol, we want you to transition when it makes sense for your organization. We will be your dedicated Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner until then. However, Dynamics AX is no longer a key part of Microsoft’s roadmap. That means this solution is no longer the best option if you want to be sure your business has access to the most competitive tools and solutions available.

There are also security considerations to weigh when timing your transition. As Microsoft deprioritizes—and eventually drops—security fixes and updates for Dynamics AX, organizations that haven’t upgraded face increasing levels of risk. Over time, it will become challenging for international Microsoft Dynamics Partners like Pipol to keep your legacy system safe and humming along.

This all means that upgrading to Dynamics 365 is a necessity for future maintenance. If you wait too long to upgrade, it will become more expensive to troubleshoot or even upgrade as time goes on. So, now—while the stability of security fixes and updates is still in place—is the best time to plan your ERP future.

What about my AX customizations and integrations?

Thankfully, there are options for migrating your customizations and integrations when you upgrade. At the same time, you may find that other options are more cost-effective or better suited to your needs. As part of your transition, we will help you evaluate your customizations and integrations to determine what you want to bring with you to Dynamics 365. Then we’ll help you figure out the best way to get that done, whether that’s:

  • porting that feature,
  • redeveloping it,
  • leveraging a new feature in Dynamics 365 that fulfills that role,
  • or identifying appropriate third-party applications that integrate with Dynamics 365.

As your Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner, we’re committed to ensuring you have the tools you need. And when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll benefit from our expert input to help you map AX functionality to your new ERP for a secure, seamless transition.

Ready to start planning the future of your business?

Upgrading an ERP doesn’t have to be a long and complex process. That’s especially true when you have experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners guiding you.

Pipol can help your organization define a solid roadmap to ensure a smooth and agile upgrade journey. Our easy-to-execute upgrade assessment dives deep into your current solution and carefully considers your business strategy to determine your ideal upgrade path. Designed to help you make the right decisions for your solution, it aligns your business with the Microsoft roadmap.

The report we generate from the upgrade assessment will provide you with information on upgrade scope, cost, schedule, and benefits for your specific business. And, once we launch the Dynamics 365 integration project, our experts can continue to walk with you every step of the way—or we can stand beside you and your preferred partner to secure a smooth deployment.

Reach out today to hear more about our upgrade assessment, and take the first step on the simpler, faster journey to upgrading.

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