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Why use Dynamics 365 for sales? A unified, end-to-end solution for smarter selling and improved sales performance

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Are you looking for an intelligent sales solution that can help you build stronger relationships and improve overall sales performance? Then look no further than Microsoft Dynamics 365. Ideal for both small and complex sales-based organizations, it offers embedded insights allowing you to make smarter decisions and take relevant actions.

This unified solution can keep track of all your accounts and contacts and helps you nurture leads and close sales faster. It’s easy to develop valuable sales collateral, marketing lists, and campaigns. And, it can simplify digital transformation by aligning your sales processes with your organization’s best practices. Read more below about the benefits this end-to-end solution can bring to your international sales organization.

Smarter selling

With centralized storage of all your marketing pitches, lead data, and sales call information, your salespeople have a complete, real-time view of your customer. Dynamics 365 features advanced reporting functionality that helps simplify sales planning, marketing investment, and tracking. You can synchronize and manage sales across all points of contact and quickly analyze your marketing and service activities. With embedded insights, Dynamics 365 helps sales teams make smarter decisions about potential opportunities. And, it optimizes your email engagement so you can be more proactive and responsive in your communications. Additionally, it offers recommendations on personalized talking point and what are the next best actions. With these valuable insights and suggestions, salespeople always know what tasks to focus on and can keep a close eye on high priority customers.

Better Engagement

Dynamic 365 empowers sellers to build and foster trustworthy, long-term relationships with customers through active personal engagement. By connecting your data and processes, sellers have all the insights they need to nurture these relationships —even from remote locations. Featuring integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it includes interactive organizational charts so you can easily keep track of your accounts’ contacts. You’ll also gain access to more detailed profiles and data. By better understanding the relationships between contacts, you can identify potential stakeholders and influencers for more effective lead generation. And, thanks to seamless integration with Office 365, your sales teams can easily collaborate on deals — both across functions and locations. They can access customer information and use Microsoft Teams to meet, chat, take notes, share documents, and access different business applications.

Seamless tools

Thanks to seamless integration with Office 365 and familiar tools like Excel and Outlook, organizations can also boost seller productivity. It helps you streamline your sales process with simplified sales execution and accelerated transaction management. Featuring an intuitive interface with intelligent sales processes, it offers easy integration with current workflows. It’s possible to open sales data in Excel, make changes, and save the changes back to Dynamics 365 —without even noticing you’ve switched applications. And, it’s easy to manage accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities using Outlook on phones, tablets, or laptops, so your salespeople can sell on the go. By automating your processes and taking advantage of advanced AI capabilities, organizations can free up resources allowing salespeople to spend more time engaging with customers.

Accelerate sales performance

Dynamics 365 offers guidance to help sellers throughout their sales efforts. It ensures they’re ready to quickly respond to fast-changing selling environments and buyer preferences. With easy-to-use dashboards, salespeople can quickly overview the tasks needed to improve their performance. They can set goals and Dynamics 365 will actively monitor results and provide feedback and coaching. With real-time data and insights into emerging trends, your employees are empowered to make decisions that drive revenue for your organization. And, with highly visible results you can accelerate your team’s performance and ensure everyone is held accountable. Furthermore, it includes exciting team-based sales contests that can help to motivate teams.

Helping organizations to innovate

Dynamics 365 enables innovation allowing you to grow your business. This adaptable, scalable solution is easy to customize and integrate with applications and services you already use. With real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information, it can help you increase sales profitably, reduce costs, and shortens sales cycles. It offers a unified experience with fully automated processes across all Dynamics 365 applications and 3rd party apps. And, with no-code visual editors and tools, it’s easy to deploy new applications with improved time-to-market.

Dynamics 365 unifies data across sales, marketing, and service. It offers automated, integrated, and intelligent capabilities to transform the end-to-end customer journey. And, because it runs on the Microsoft cloud platform, it’s available anywhere from any device. Plus, it benefits from Microsoft’s global data centers to safeguard your data, with a 99.9% level of availability.

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