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This is why you should choose Pipol for your next international ERP project

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Why choose Pipol for your next international Microsoft Dynamics deployment? Because our extensive experience paves the way for an excellent return on investment.

We’re by your side securing every detail

Our objective is not to maximize a one-time profit as a traditional supplier, but to secure a long-term relationship by staying by your side as a trusted advisor. We help you manage and secure a good return on the time and money you are spending. This includes qualification of local staffing (the right partner and the right staff for the job), qualification of localizations, legal requirements and local practices. It also includes a critical assessment of proposed time and rates, monitoring and QA of the work performed, and qualification and selection of vertical and horizontal add-ons.

You remain in control

We are able to manage the entire project with our own engagement managers and project controllers, provide the communication platform, the plan and the project reporting that enable you to monitor progress anytime. Our organizational setup is tailormade for international deployment, securing well-anchored roles and responsibilities. Pipol is the main contractor and our partners are subcontractors to us, giving you a single point of contact and one contract for all locations. This is a well-proven, professional model that reduces your local risks, the time you need to spend on the project and gives you complete inside knowledge and control of the project.

Crucial knowledge of local culture and regulations

When you include Pipol in your project, you get an experienced international deployment partner who has headed more than +500 international Dynamics deployments worldwide. You are engaging with a partner who has a solid business understanding, who has participated in designing, streamlining and implementing business transformation strategies for many Fortune 500 companies and who has a deep knowledge of the local cultural, legal and technical challenges in your target countries.

All in all, we are very invested in making your project a success.

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