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The Pipol Agenda

Pipol has only one agenda: To make business transformation simple for international companies.

As an international company, you have an urge to align your business and application landscape across subsidiaries. You want to drive future growth by optimizing operations, improving performance, boosting competitiveness, and reaping the benefits of having a common platform for your international business. 


That’s why you need to streamline business processes, harmonize data, and gain deep insight into your business through modern analytical capabilities. You expect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be an excellent solution to achieve that. To succeed, you need one global partner to advise you and drive your business transformation at headquarters and across every single subsidiary around the world.  


Already in 2001 when Pipol was founded, we realized that international companies struggled as there was no global partner with local presence and local expertise in all the countries where they operate. International companies were forced to engage different partners country by country which resulted in numerous challenges. Local partners were working in different ways which led to diverse implementations of the common solution. Over time, the headquarter vision of having a common business platform was jeopardized, and synergies could not be realized.  


Therefore, it was – and still is – our mission to advise, implement and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for international companies worldwide. Since 2001, we have continuously developed our unparalleled international know-how and refined our unique delivery framework which is readily available for your business to tap into. Our proven delivery framework allows us to centrally manage any international implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from A to Z and across all major industries. 


Today, Pipol is still the only global partner specialized in working with international companies, and we are present in +85 countries. You get one global solution, one global delivery framework, one global contract, one global team and – very importantly – one single point of responsibility for the entire delivery wherever in the world you operate.  


In May 2022, Pipol became part of Telefónica Tech – a world-leading company in digital transformation and among top five Cloud Microsoft Dynamics partners in Europe. 



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