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Let’s help your international ERP implementation project succeed

Pipol has one agenda: We simplify international ERP projects

If you are navigating the complexities of international ERP projects, consider a more streamlined approach with Pipol. We focus on simplifying international ERP projects for multi-site companies, enabling better alignment of business processes and applications across subsidiaries. This not only optimizes operations but also enhances performance and competitive edge.

How we work

Since our inception in 2001, we’ve recognized the challenges international companies face with ERP implementations, often having to coordinate with various local partners. Our solution is a unified strategy, offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 support globally. With Pipol, you gain access to a singular, comprehensive solution that encompasses a global delivery framework, contract, team, and a single point of responsibility for your project’s delivery worldwide. We also provide various services for business transformation, including strategic planning, capability assessment, and project assessment.

What that means for your business

Our methodology enables us to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations internationally, addressing goal definition, capability gaps, prioritization, and roadmap development while focusing on the human aspect of digital transformation projects.

With Pipol, you get one global solution, one global delivery framework, one global contract, one global team, and one single point of responsibility for the entire delivery of your entire international ERP implementation.

Access to international experts and services

Pipol is the only global partner supporting international companies’ business transformation. We are present in over 85 countries, have completed more than 500 projects, and have over 4,500 skilled consultants.

Pipol is a subsidiary of the BE-terna Group,  a leading supplier of ERP, CRM, and Data Analytics & AI in Europe. Pipol represents all international Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects in the BE-terna Group and has access to a wide range of experts and services within digital transformation. In May 2022, Be-terna and Pipol were acquired by Telefónica Tech – a world-leading company in digital transformation and among the top five Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partners in Europe.

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