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The Pipol Agenda

Pipol has only one agenda: To make business transformation simple for international companies.

As an international company, you have an urge to align your business and application landscape across subsidiaries.

You want to drive future growth by optimizing operations, improving performance, boosting competitiveness, and reaping the benefits of having a common platform for your international business.


That’s why you need to streamline business processes, harmonize data, and gain deep insight into your business through modern analytical capabilities.

You expect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be an excellent solution to achieve that.

To succeed, you need one global partner to advise you and drive your business transformation at headquarters and across every single subsidiary around the world.



Already in 2001 when Pipol was founded

we realized that international companies struggled with ERP implementations across borders.

No players in the market were specialized in working with international companies, and no players were capable of advising international companies around international ERP strategytechnology choice and best practices.

Nor were they able to deliver local Dynamics 365 implementations and support in countries where the partner had no presenceinsight, or previous implementation experience

This meant that international companies or partners supporting them had to engage and manage individual local partners in each country. It often went wrong because there was no common way of working, no common methodology, no common contractual terms and very importantly, no single point of responsibility for the global delivery.

This is still very much the case today as partners are mainly locally or regionally focused and struggle when delivering to international companies.

The need for international companies to implement Dynamics 365 consistently and in a centrally managed way was what formed the idea of Pipol in 2001. 

We wanted to make international Dynamics 365 implementations simple – because someone needed to cater for the specific needs of international companies.

Pipol is a company within the BE-terna Group, one of Europe’s leading integrators of business software solutions.

Our group has more than 20 locations and 900 employees spread across Europe. Pipol operates as an independent brand within the BE-terna group and acts as the center of excellence for international Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy, implementation, and support.


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