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What we’re presenting (and attending) at Summit EMEA 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We’re excited about presenting, once again, at Summit EMEA!

The 24-26 April conference in Dublin brings together Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and CRM users, a range of industry experts, and vendors. It’s the go-to event for deepening knowledge, networking, and collaboratively tackling important issues. Attendees learn details about Microsoft product updates and gain understanding of solutions that directly address clients’ needs.

Pipol’s session Readiness Assessment: – Is Your Organisation Ready for an ERP Project?

On Day 3 (April 26, 09:00 – 10:00), we’ll be giving the session: “Is Your Organization Ready for an ERP Project?” Daniel Van den Broeck, Pipol’s International Transformation Leader, will help you better understand the components of a readiness assessment and how it can help you succeed in your next international ERP implementation.

ERP implementations are often faced with cost overruns, prolonged implementation time, and functional under-delivery when it’s finished. By undertaking a Readiness Assessment, organizations gain insight on how understanding critical (but often overlooked) components (like organizational culture and business processes) ease the path toward success. This interactive session concludes with a demo profiling a virtual company.

Two other conference sessions you don’t want to miss

Though the Summit is packed with interesting and relevant content, we’re especially enthusiastic about these two sessions:

(1) “Top 10 Things Team Magpul Learned During Their Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Cloud Migration/Implementation”

On Day 2 (April 25, 16:00-17:00), this session looks closely at the first AX 2012 R2 customer (Magpul) that moved to the D365 Cloud. It’s a deep dive into the reasons behind the decision, how they justified the move to the Cloud, and key learnings. Aimed at beginners, the main D365UG/AXUG Presenter is Lindsay Garcia, ERP Administrator, Magpul.

(2) “Optimize Your Business Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This Microsoft General Session on Day 2 (April 25, 14:30-15:30) features D365UG/AXUG expert Muhammad Alam, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Attendees will gain up-to-the-moment updates on Dynamics 365 and insight into future innovations. The session will look at how it helps people make smarter decisions with embedded analytics, AI, and IoT. Customers will share how they’re using D365 to modernize business operations.

It’s unquestionably worth your time and effort

You don’t want to miss the 3-day Summit EMEA 2018. Come, network, deepen your knowledge base, and grow your invaluable industry-wide network.

We’d like to meet you at Summit EMEA

At Pipol, we’re eager to share what we’ve learned about how Microsoft Dynamics Solutions powerfully transform businesses worldwide. Contact our Sales Director, Klaus Landsmann, via email at klaus.landsmann@pipol.com or mobile at +45 22 75 31 05. We can also save you 10% on the Summit registration fee.

See you in Dublin!

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