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sedApta is an international group, specialized in the development of innovative IT solutions for management of the Supply Chain.


The sedApta group arises from the aggregation of top technology companies based in Italy, Germany, USA and Brazil. Sedapta software solutions make your supply chain and manufacturing processes more flexible and smarter.


The integration and orchestration of sedApta’s enabling technologies in the context of the different company processes becomes a key point for companies that want to create factories that possess a “system intelligence” that will guarantee the ability to make prompt decisions based on reliable information.


sedApta provides to business leaders a flexible and agile optimization across all the company activities, both in terms of Sales & Operation Planning, and in terms of satisfying the needs of a “demand-driven” market. The sedApta Suite, has been designed and developed to be an integrated and orchestrated suite of modules that work together to optimize processes along the entire supply chain, starting from accurate strategic and tactical application planning and then improving the detailed scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory.



A fundamental activity in the Change Management process involves the defining and modeling of a company’s “As-Is” and “To-Be” processes.

O.S.A. enables the automatic execution and monitoring of this activity, as a result providing users with a complete view of all business processes. Via O.S.A., sedApta is able to provide sedApta Suite components within a modular environment, support the interoperability, coordinates and orchestrates complex business flows, multi-role situations, in a multi-product space.

  • Orchestrator will help you to balance your processes, activities, people & tools.
  • Detailed reports and in-depth analysis of the company operations’ performance, using Analytics!
  • People-oriented approach: many companies invest heavily on processes and technology, but also a focus on people is needed, for increasing the value and the efficiency of your human capital. Skillaware makes this possible

What you get

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    Sales forecast

    Sales forecast accuracy improvement

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    Stock level

    Stock levels optimization

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    Customer service

    Customer service levels improvement

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    Suppliers and Contractors

    Suppliers and Contractors collaborative management

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    Product & schedule optimization

    Production planning & order scheduling optimization

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    Resources Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of resources

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    Process task

    Process task design, orchestration and execution

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    Training & performance support

    IT workforce training & performance support

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    Real time analysis

    Real time analysis of relevant data & KPIs measurement

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