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International Dynamics 365 Implementation

You may be surprised to learn that international implementation of Dynamics 365 can be painless. For many CIOs, international IT projects are extremely challenging and pervasive. However, with the right implementation strategy that is aligned with your business strategy, and a smart, flexible methodology designed to balance the needs of your local subsidiaries with the needs of your headquarters, your international Dynamics 365 implementation can be straightforward.

We have been doing multi-country ERP implementations for decades. We know the pitfalls when implementing large IT projects, and we help you eliminate them. We also understand when it’s time for best practice or best fit. Depending on the industry you work in and your company structure, one size may fit all subsidiaries. However, for many companies, one size doesn’t fit all, and local adaptation is needed. Different local legislation, account plans, infrastructure, organizational cultures, and languages are typical trade-offs. It is an act of balance when deciding on best practices vs. best fits.

We offer you one CORE solution, one delivery model, one team, one contact, and one contract. This is international implementation made simple. We take responsibility for driving the entire international implementation process for you including local implementation. We also offer local implementation services as a sub-contractor if your IT organization is in charge of the overall implementation strategy and process.

Our implementation services are flexible and scalable enabling us to take on different roles to fit your specific needs for:

  • International Dynamics 365 Implementation
  • Local Dynamics 365 Implementation

International Dynamics 365 Implementation

One international delivery framework for all countries simplifies planning from A to Z. With a centrally managed framework we handle multiple rollouts across multiple sites and countries. You reap the benefits of central governance because you use the same solution and implement it the same way across your international business. The numerous processes are repeatable from country to country. Further, with one global contract governing worldwide service delivery, you reduce complexity and ensure that the services provided in each country are adapted to each subsidiary’s needs – in local language, local time zone, and at local rates.

With one global partner, you get control of your entire international business – from headquarter to each subsidiary, from data to security and compliance. Whether your international Dynamics 365 solution is on premise or in the cloud, you should not worry about compliance anywhere in the world. This is where local partners make a huge difference. They know the dos and don’ts in each country and ensure that all local regulations and compliance requirements are being met.

Our international Dynamics 365 implementation service covers:

Flexible options to support your Dynamics 365 implementation journey

  • Management: We manage your implementation from A-Z
  • Partnership: We act as a part of your team to support your implementation
  • Deployment: We deliver local implementation services worldwide

Capability to take on any international Dynamics 365 implementation

  • Specialization: We are specialized in international Dynamics 365 implementations
  • Know-how: We have leading experts across the Microsoft technology stack
  • Experience: We have vast experience across industries, business areas and countries

Power to scale to meet your current and future business needs and geographical footprint

  • Resources: We have access to more than +4.500 Dynamics 365 experts across the globe
  • Presence: We are present in +85 countries with leading Dynamics 365 implementation experts
  • Expertise: We can seamlessly expand cooperation into new business and technology areas

Local Dynamics 365 Implementation

If your IT organization is in charge of the overall implementation strategy and process, we may act as your sub-contractor in one or more local countries. This may be relevant in countries where Microsoft does not offer localization packages, or in countries where you do not have a solid partner network. We may also sub-contract all local implementations through our network, which gives you the benefits of one point of contact and one point of contract.

Local partners make a huge difference whether your Dynamics 365 solution is on premise or in the cloud. They know the dos and don’ts in each country and ensure that all local regulations and compliance requirements are being met, that your company adopts national standards, and that your company benefits from local best practice implementation. Further, local implementation partners provide the confidence and peace of mind they need. Headquarter and subsidiaries may be far apart – both physically and culturally. Thus, a local partner can translate the needs of headquarter in the context of each subsidiary.

Whether or not we are able to apply Dynamics 365 Localization Packages throughout a local implementation, our service covers:

  • Compliance features (required): Regulatory requirements, e.g. local GAAP, VAT/TAX, authority reporting and other statutory requirements
  • Business features (recommended): Local standards, e.g. banking and payment formats, address and document formats, local interpretation of global standards and other national standards
  • Other features (optional): Local features, e.g. functionality that helps the business to improve productivity by adapting local best practices and processes that are not legally required

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Contact us to learn more on how international implementation of Dynamics 365 can be painless.

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