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We are wherever your business takes you. Whether you need local help or global project guidance, you can count on value and commitment from our extensive alliance of Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world.

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Project Recovery

Your international Dynamics implementation is facing challenges, and you’ve already invested money, effort, and sleepless nights to get it on track. Even so, your implementation’s success is still in jeopardy. Maybe it’s time to get help from the experts.

Fast track to success

Our Project Recovery Assessment is easy to execute, and based on our experience from multiple recovery cases over the years. First, a simple questionnaire helps us secure a base understanding of your scope, challenges, and objectives. Then, our experts host a focused workshop to zero in on your challenges, and align recovery options with your project’s stakeholders.


Recovery plan that fits you

We’ll provide you with a Project Recovery Report containing our recommendations, plus an actionable plan so that your international Dynamics implementation will be a success. If you require further support in executing the plan, you can count on us.


Different challenges, different solutions

We know the pitfalls of implementing Dynamics internationally, and can help solve your specific challenges. Whether it’s about application architecture, design, localization, project governance, or something else entirely – we can help.


We’ve done it before

Businesses like yours turn to us for help when facing challenges on their international Dynamics implementation. We’ve helped large enterprises and SMEs get their Dynamics implementations back on track, ensuring that business benefits can be realized. We can help you too.


We’re the international Dynamics experts.

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What you get

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    Back on track

    Clear recommendations and an actionable recovery plan for your international Dynamics implementation

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    Simple approach

    Follow our proven project recovery approach, focusing on solving your specific implementation challenges

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    Advice from experts

    Leverage our expertise to build awareness of recovery options, which enable informed decision-making and project success

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    Minimize TCO and increase ROI

    Establish a Dynamics approach that balances costs and benefits by following international best practices

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    Focus on business value

    Create a Dynamics application that can easily be deployed, localized, and maintained – delivering real value to the business

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