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Pipol is pleased to welcome product partner sedApta, supporting business transformation by bringing value-adding solutions to our worldwide clients.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

sedApta helps clients turn new challenges (posed by digital transformation) into new opportunities, and expands the Pipol Alliance’s reach internationally. Their product suite is focused on supply chain management, manufacturing operations management, and business process optimization.

The sedApta Suite is the only solution that can enable planning, execution, and optimization across all supply chain functions, to maximize business results improving companies process culture. All sedApta Suite modules are integrated in the O.S.A. (Orchestrate, Support, Analyze) ecosystem, which help companies succeed in complicated change management initiatives. sedApta offers a wide range of value-adding solutions, and therefore they’re a superbly complementary fit to the existing Pipol portfolio.

SedApta have more than 25 technology partners, each of sedApta’s partners is industry leaders within their area. Together they boast decades of experience in manufacturing IT and SCM. Over 500 customers in more than 20 countries (and 10 industries) rely on their products for optimization of their supply chains. sedApta provides world-class software solutions to their partners and customers, driving the continuous improvement of industrial processes. The sedApta Labs are a European network of highly specialized software development centers (with systems design, development and integration skills in Manufacturing IT).

As with all Pipol Partners, sedApta was carefully vetted and selected due to its strong position within its product areas. It’s a great strategic fit with Pipol, as sedApta builds up product offerings to support international customers by simplifying the process of business transformation. “Smart Manufacturing Made Easy” is their motto.

Giorgio Cuttica, sedApta Group President,says that: “The partnership with Pipol expands the international network of Sedapta, which aims at a partner present in more than 70 countries for the purpose of delivering value-added solutions, integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics portfolio.”

Morten Søger, Group Director Channel & Alliances at Pipol, points out that “sedApta brings a unique product suite to the partnership. This is the only solution that offers business process optimization that is streamlined, with efficient planning and execution across ALL supply chain functions. They’re committed to working with Pipol’s worldwide alliance of partners in 70+ countries, and our joint customers will experience the value offering fueled by a strong domain leadership footprint across their international market.”

About sedApta

sedApta, whose name derives from the Latin words for “small, but well designed”, is an ambitious new industrial organization specialized in supporting the development of innovative IT Solutions and Start Ups. sedApta is an international Group formed from the aggregation of top tech companies based in Italy, Germany, the USA and Brazil. Each a leader in their industry, together they share over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing IT & Supply Chain Management. Their mission is to drive the continuous improvement of industrial processes through the introduction of new information technologies and a highly-integrated suite of modules within existing software infrastructures.

Contact Information

Pietro Cuttica, International Partner Manager


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