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Pipol continues its Asian expansion by partnering with K&S Inform

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

With shared expertise, strengths and values, the two companies will serve joint customers across Taiwan and greater China.


The market leader in Taiwan and beyond

K & S Inform (Knowledge & Strategy Information Co., Ltd) is a certified Microsoft reseller and consulting firm with expertise in Microsoft Business Solutions. With six offices in Taiwan and 19 in China, the company has two decades of experience providing ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Management solutions and services to companies in manufacturing, trading and services industries. K & S Inform has a proven track record and is the undisputed market leader in the region.

It’s all about chemistry

Pipol chose to add K & S to its partner alliance, not only because of its proven track record, but also because of the company’s strong values and structured way of working. Morten Søger, Pipol’s Group Director Channel & Alliances, says, “We met at a local industry event in Asia and found that not only do we have a shared fundamental approach to value creation, but also a great chemistry and rapport based on trust.” The two companies are currently engaged in two joint international Microsoft Dynamics projects.

Strengthening Pipol’s presence in Asia

With an expansive global presence, Pipol is working to build on its Asian partner base. “Asia is a very dynamic market right now as the business culture is thriving and many companies are working towards digitization,” says Søger. “We needed a stronger presence to serve our global customers undergoing business transformation there – and we believe K & S Inform is the right partner for that purpose. We look forward to a strong cooperation in the months and years to come.”

About K & S Inform

Founded in 1988, Knowledge & Strategy Information Co., Ltd is part of The Sunlike Group, the first company in Asia to earn the Windows 2000 certified logo by Microsoft. With teams of professional consultants specialized in various fields, the company expertly delivers Microsoft Business Solutions, included Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft CRM. Since its founding, K & S Inform has been recognized by Microsoft with multiple awards and certifications, including Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner.

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