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Pipol and Beck Consulting excited to announce new strategic partnership

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Software and service providers Pipol and Beck Consulting enthusiastically announce their new partnership, which will further complement existing strengths.


As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner that has serviced the ERP community for the last 30 years, the California-based Beck Consulting has deep experience with complex customers, especially in the food industry. With over 160 offices in more than 75 countries, Pipol is the largest international provider of consulting and implementation services based on Microsoft Dynamics.

The Beck/Pipol alliance is a win-win partnership. In becoming the newest member of the burgeoning Pipol Alliance, Beck Consulting allows Pipol to strengthen its business in the USA. At the same time, Beck gains a trusted commercial and delivery partner to work efficiently on multisite implementations within the international customer segment.

How did the partnership develop?

Over the years, Pipol and Beck have crossed paths during engagements with joint strategic customers. Recognizing each other as elite players in the ERP space, it only made sense for the two companies to formalize their relationship and draw upon each other’s strengths.

Leveraging Beck Consulting’s expertise

Beck has built outstanding client relationships by providing specialization and personalization of their high-quality services. While many clients are from the food industry, they have a great deal of experience with other businesses. Beck also boasts cross-industry technical expertise in the e-commerce, mobile warehousing, and global supply chain areas. They serve businesses of all sizes, from startups to multibillion-dollar corporations.

Beck’s experience with the food industry stretches back to their very first client, more than 30 years ago. Their proprietary bcFood ERP solution (based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is the product of their industry expertise and is designed to address the unique challenges that face food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and brokerage businesses. They’ve helped clients with solutions that meet their business needs and support their unique business propositions.

Going global with Pipol

Pipol has established itself as the pre-eminent worldwide provider of Dynamics services. Its solutions, services, and organization are designed and set up specifically for international multisite implementations and support. Pipol’s success in serving its worldwide customer base is bolstered largely due to its extensive partner network, a committed alliance of more than 60 leading Microsoft Dynamics providers. This collaboration at the local level ensures that each every Pipol implementation, no matter where it occurs, involves experience with local industries, customs, and ways of doing business.

Because of its wide global reach, Pipol has become especially adept at multisite implementations, and they regularly support projects involving companies with thousands of offices around the world. By acting as a single point of contact, Pipol offers a smooth, well-coordinated project from strategy and solution choice to implementation and follow-up, saving customers time, money, resources, and stress.

We capitalize on each other’s strengths

“The Pipol-Beck partnership is a solid collaborative choice,” says Morten Soeger, Pipol’s Group Director Channel & Alliances. “Pipol has been seeking to expand in the USA, and Beck Consulting is eager to work with a proven, go-to partner within the niche segment of multisite implementations. As with any strong partnership, we capitalize on each other’s strengths. Together, Beck and Pipol look forward to serving clients with flexibility and scalability, to meet ever-changing industry requirements and technologies. As with all of our valued Pipol partners, we envision collaboration with Beck as a way to grow our joint volume of business and better serve our worldwide customers.”

According to Dirk Manders, President of Beck Consulting, “We’ve actively developed partnerships with organizations whose first-rate software products allow our clients to gain even more from their NAV and bcERP solutions. With the Pipol Alliance, we’ve found a truly global partner who adds deep value to our offerings.”

About Beck Consulting

Beck Consulting was founded in 1987 and has been a Microsoft partner since 1997. Their software solutions are based on the most modern ERP system available today, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Specializing primarily in the food industry, Beck Consulting has developed bcFood ERP solution for food processors, manufacturers, distributors, and brokers. In addition, their ISV solutions for mobile warehousing, EDI, and shipping management are essential to organizations of all types. They are headquartered in Concord, California.

Contact Information

Dirk Manders
President, Beck Consulting

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