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NAV 2016: Work more efficiently

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Every time I dive deeper into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, I find interesting new stuff. I have already touched upon a lot of the cool things in the newest NAV version. This time I’d like to share with you some of my key take-aways from the latest product demo I received at Microsoft Convergence EMEA 2015.


NAV 2016 is ready for multiple platforms

A new era of digital disruptions has made development work on multiple platforms (desktop PC’s, tablets, mobiles) inevitable. NAV 2016 works seamlessly: once a feature is available in NAV, it works instantly everywhere. Again, the beauty of simplicity in NAV makes digital disruption easy.


New Cloud-enabled functionality

Cloud focus is also providing additional functionality in NAV 2016. For example getting currency exchange rates updated from the cloud is now standard in NAV.


Outcome-driven user experience

On thing is sure: the outcome-driven user experience promotes adoption. If users instantly see the value of the solution, they will adopt much faster. There is nothing new to this as such. However, the seamless integration of various business productivity solutions from Microsoft makes this an amazing connected experience.


Pre-defined workflows

A workflow in NAV is an event-driven tool that can process a line of activities when the conditions are met. NAV comes with a lot of predefined workflows that can be used as is or modified by the user to accommodate a specific process.
For example, the workflows in NAV can support that scanned documents are placed in an arrival box from where you can send a document to an OCR service in the cloud (75 free scans a month). The service is trained to look at invoices and once it has finished you can get a workflow to automatically create a purchase invoice with all required details. Of course you don’t have to run the workflow automatically, but it’s a cool place to start.


MSCRM integration

Microsoft CRM is now seamlessly integrated into NAV with a single sign in with coupling of records. It gives a possibility to define which data to integrate and who the master and who’s the slave. A huge improvement from the CRM connector. And it works! You can see NAV data and links in CRM and CRM data and links in NAV.


Is it time to upgrade to NAV 2016?

I know what you are thinking: upgrades can be complicated, costly, disruptive and risky … This is not the case anymore with the new upgrade path in NAV 2016. What’s more, the solution now delivers breakthrough software innovations and new deployment options, and enhancements that can significantly improve your organization’s productivity. It is indeed a very good version to upgrade to.


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