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  • International License Management

 Do you find it hard to navigate international license management, coordinate with each supplier, and keep track of lots of different information with regards to each license? Obviously, it is a very complex task for an international company with different suppliers around the world. Therefore, we offer to order, handle, and manage all your international Dynamics licenses centrally. We also offer you advisory on how to optimize your license portfolio and how to be compliant.  

License Management is a crucial business process and if not managed effectively, it can jeopardize business operations and result in hefty fines for not being compliant. With a single point of contact, we can help you streamline your license management and make the overall process more efficient and cost-effective.  

You will benefit from the vast experience and expertise of our international alliance as well as our extensive understanding of international license management best practices. We have a broad view of the different solutions and can ensure maximum value for all your agreements, as well as quick and easy compliance. 


Our consulting services include: 

  • License ordering  

  • License operation 

  • License advisory 


License Ordering 

License ordering covers addition or change of Dynamics 365 licensing and other types of license modifications impacting licensing cost. Our global group of providers allows us to swiftly gather all the necessary licensing information for your ERP solution as well as any localized versions, add-ons, and industry-specific features your organization is running. And, with our role as both integrator and enabler for our customers and partners around the world, we have the full overview to ensure the most efficient license ordering as well as one single point of invoicing.  


License operations 

License operations cover operational license troubleshooting and support. All licenses and related information are stored in a secure, central location allowing us to update all your licenses in one go. We can tell you what assets are assigned to whom and what licenses they have. We can also provide you with a detailed breakdown of your software expenditure, so you have a clear picture of all costs. And, because we never forget about license subscription renewals, maintenance times, or approvals, you can be guaranteed that you meet compliance requirements, and your license operations is always kept up to date.  

By having knowledgeable professionals handling the entire process in a centralized, formal way, we can act fast. Plus, it frees up those back-office employees so they can focus on other tasks that add value to your business.  


License Advisory 

License advisory covers guidance and consulting on Microsoft license policy changes, license promotions and other license advisory services. We advise you on how to optimize your license portfolio – both with Microsoft and other vendors – and how to be compliant.  


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