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Jesper Vang

Jesper Vang


Since 1998, customers have been looking to Jesper Vang for strategic advice, help with operational implementation – and everything in between. Jesper has been looking to customers for inspiration that he can use to make a difference.


Jesper provides leadership for the Technology Consulting team helping Pipol’s customers get maximum business value. He believes that in order to get the most out of IT, any given technology or solution must embrace the people using it. With that in mind, he always sets out to understand the customer’s business and then to connect the right people and technologies needed to get the job done. In this way, he helps customers across the globe derive greater value by linking business and IT.


Other sources of inspiration

Outside of work, Jesper charges his batteries and gets inspired from distant travel destinations and cultures as well as from his nearest family and friends. He has also been known to kick around a football and take a slap shot in floorball just for fun.

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