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Focusing on Industry excellence: iStone re-joins international Pipol Partner Alliance

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pipol continues to focus on working with highly exceptional partners who are committed and capable of adding superior value to the Pipol Alliance of worldwide Dynamics partners. The latest relationship to be announced is with iStone, Microsoft’s preferred Dynamics Manufacturing Partner in Sweden.

A great asset to the Pipol Alliance

“Working with a company that keeps discovering new territory is a great asset to our partner alliance. I’m very happy to welcome back  iStone to offer Microsoft Dynamics implementations that add unique value for our customers,” says Morten Søger, Group Director Channel & Alliances, Pipol. “iStone is Microsoft’s preferred Dynamics Manufacturing Partner for Sweden, and we are looking forward to working together with their highly experienced and acknowledged AX consultants.”

Founded in Sweden in 2007, iStone has a particular strength and reputation for excellence within the manufacturing segment. “We can grow our joint international footprint together,” says Olof Eidmann, Vice President at iStone. “Pipol has the extended worldwide delivery coverage to help drive our international business and deliver excellence.” With expertise in delivering ERP systems that meet the challenges of international supply chains, iStone helps customers to be able to make important decisions in real time and implement effective actions quickly.

About iStone

iStone was founded in 2007 in Stockholm, and has evolved into an international group in business system solutions, committed to meeting its clients’ every need. Today, iStone has over 600 employees in more than twelve countries worldwide, including Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. iStone offers market-leading ERP solutions and cutting-edge solutions in Business Intelligence, CRM, and e-commerce. It is the preferred Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 manufacturing partner for Sweden.

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