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ERP Readiness Assessment

Is your International ERP project actionable? Realistic? Aligned? Financially sound?


Have you ever considered exactly how an ERP project impacts your whole organization? Your business processes need to be reviewed and aligned, your workforce assessed and trained, data cleansed, interfaces updated, and interaction with other software components revisited. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, there are multi-site and/or international context complexities to.

Are these some of the questions you’re asking yourself right now? Then you and your organization will benefit greatly by investing in an ERP Readiness Assessment.

We guarantee answers for all these questions, and more.


  • Up to 6 key stakeholders and Executives will be interviewed to assess they level of readiness on Organization, Processes, Project Team, Alignment, Solution, System and Governance. This assessment is best organized within your offices.
  • Preliminary (remote):
    Readiness scan in order to prepare the Assessment
  • Onsite:
    Introduction and order of the day with all Interviewees (45 mins)
  • 3 Interview sessions
  • Wrap-up with general findings and an ERP readiness checklist


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    A 360-degree business assessment prior to investing in a new Digital Transformation

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    An assessment of the organizational readiness, commitment and ability to engage

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    An assessment on whether the project is implementable, realistic, aligned and financially achievable?

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    An assessment report with findings and recommendations for focus/action areas, together with an estimation of your investment and suggestions for next steps.

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