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ERP Infrastructure Assessment

An assessment of your ERP infrastructure to optimize your set-up according to your strategy between Cloud vs. On-Premise and deliver an actionable plan


Companies embarking on an infrastructure project are often confused about where to start. There are various approaches, and the multiple cloud options are tough to navigate and understand. Thankfully, Pipol has simplified the process with our ERP Infrastructure Assessment.

Pipol will work closely with you to assess and understand where your business is today. Together, we’ll outline both the short- and long-term vision of where the business is headed. Empowered with that overview, you can then start an infrastructure modernization project that will drive the desired results.


Conference call to review present state of the environments. Review current documentation and business processes.

ERP Infrastructure Assessment 

  • Overview of available deployment options
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Infrastructure and Configuration Management
  • Backup and Data Recovery Strategy
  • Connect with the organization’s team members to determine their business objectives, changes, areas for improvement, and end business goals
  • Understand the current infrastructure in place
  • Review interconnectedness of applications and platforms
  • Assess current IT policies and procedures for best practices
  • Identify inefficiencies and potential risks of the technology in place
  • Discuss potential solutions at a high level, and how they can add value to the business
  • Review security setup and configurations to identify risks


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    Prioritization of projects

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    ROI calculations and cost projections

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    Project governance

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    Functional recommendations

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    Infrastructure platform recommendations

Your request has been successfully submitted and is being processed. Our team will reach out within 24 hours. Download whitepaper